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CHSEL Writing

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 CHSEL offers an in depth writing opportunity for students at several ability levels. 

Hi! I am Veronica Pedraza, a lab provider at CHSEL. While my degreee is in Mass Communications with an emphassis in Journalism, I am also a Certified IEW writing instructor and have had experience as a UIL judge for writing and prose. For the past 24 years, I have been homeschooling my eight children, five of which have gone on to do well in university and college studies. Over the past thirteen years, I have taught numerous year-long writing labs in the co-op format. Including teaching introductory writing, I have taught high school writers most of that time. Not only do I teach the structure of various compositions along with enhancement and style options, but I also grade, edit and critique writing at all levels, including college-level composition. IEW curriculum is used almost exclusively for primary grades, but is integrated into a more formal and expansive writing instruction for upper high school level. Included in my offerings is a High School Essay Intensive, Journalism Boot Camp and Introduction to Public Speaking. I offer my services through the ministry of CHSEL because here we have established a venue where writing instruction is affordable and attainable to every family, including those whose finances and/or time might limit them otherwise. At CHSEL, elementary level writing currently costs only $20/mo and middle and high school writing labs are only $25-$30 per month (requires full year registration) and include weekly instruction, lecture, editing practice, writing opportunities at the venue, vocabulary and grammar help as well as graded evaluations, notebook organization, peer review and editing practice. All this is completed over a 28 - 30 week plan that has been implemented many times with success.   Many of my previous students have gone on to college-level writing, requiring little transition from my final high school course to do well in their first and second year in college or university. 

I will post their testimonies soon.

We are also adding a new IEW instructor for students in primary grades. Lori Carl has been a certified teacher in Texas prior to homeschooling her 9 children, 6 of which have gone on to great success at the university or college level. She has taught ESL classes that include various subjects. Along with writing instruction, students will obtain some grammar instruction, editing practice, and vocabulary enhancement while also receiving evaluated, edited papers with suggestions for improvement. 

Don't forget to check out all the labs offered through CHSEL, which will include some new STEM labs along with our other Apologia or Berean Builders science labs taught by experienced, qualified, homeschool moms!