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Elements of Art K4-K5

My name is Carissa Parr and I have been a homeschooling parent for 13 years.  I have been teaching art for several years in the community, and I'm excited and thankful to be able to teach at CHSEL.

This year, our younger set in K4-K5 will be learning the 7 elements of art (line, color, shape, texture, form, value, space) through painting, printing, drawing, use of chalk, 3D forms, and clay sculpture.  This will be fast paced, full of movement, lost of mess, and a great deal of fun!  No supplies need to be purchased for this class as your supply fee will cover everything. Aprons will be provided, but you may want to have the kids bring an old shirt to keep things extra clean.

K4-K5 Art

1st Semester

Painted Paper Stock-Up

Dot Art – Read from book The Dot – International Dot Day

Jungle Paper Sculptures

Tiger Draw-Along & Butterflies

Monet Water Lillies

Indian Elephants – Read from book One Grain of Rice

Seahorses and Mermaids – Eric Carle inspired collages or Read Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

White Dog Painting – Read from book Arlo Needs Glasses

Pumpkins at Night

Shaving Cream Prints – Peacocks maybe 2 weeks

Winter Snowman Collage

First Semester Make-up/Finishing Touches and/or Free Draw and Paint


2nd Semester


Watercolor Resist with Oil Pastel

James Rizzi Watercolor Birds

Mad Scientist Beakers with Watercolors

3D Chalk or Oil Pastel Bubbles

Royal Self Portraits

Finger Painting and Printing – Van Gogh inspired almond trees

Mixed Media Sunflowers

Value Jellyfish

Peter Anton Candy Forms

April and May will be focused on clay – sculpting, painting, and glazing

Second Semester Make-up/Finishing Touches and/or Free Draw and Paint


Lab Fee: $180 Per Year payable in full, or 9 monthly payments of $20.

Supply Fee: $10