Geography: The Middle East, North Africa, & Europe

Travelers get your passport ready we are about to set off on a wild year of fun and learning!

The primary focus of this lab will be to familiarize students with the countries of the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. They will be introduced to countries and capitals, religion, landforms, bodies of water, population, climate, history and current information.

Geography I curriculum by Memoria Press will be used for this portion of the lab.

In combination, students will be ‘tourists’ and travel to a few selected countries. They will sample local cuisine, hear traditional and popular music, create art, view famous architecture, learn about local tradition, and practice speaking the local tongue.

By the end of the year students will have a full passport, few souvenirs to show off, and be ready to play, "ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER, geography edition"!

Lab Fee: $180.00 per year payable in full OR 9 monthly payments of $20.00

Supply Fee: $25.00

            Optional: Student Text (Can be purchased through Cornerstone and added to CHSEL invoices : 13.50+tx)             Required: Student Workbook     (Can be purchased through Cornerstone and added to CHSEL invoices: 12.25+tx)