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Chsel+ IEW B Writing Session

This is an assignment completion and help class that will enable students to work on the assignments given in Friday IEW Writing A or B instructional lab while receiving assistance and tutoring through the writing process. Some grammar and mechanics assistance can be given during the writing process, but an emphasis will be on ensuring the Structure and Style taught in writing labs is understood and completed. Since the assignments, boardwork and instruction are given on Fridays, this class is supplemental and requires participation in the Friday lab. 

Students will need to be able to connect to the student dashboard to view assignments, bring their Writing Intensive notebook and writing supplies. Each week will include in class writing even when no assignment is due on Fridays. When a Friday lab assignment is posted and due, completion of that assignment will be the goal. This is a live opportunity for them to ask questions about spelling, grammar, structure, style techniques and requirements. It is also an opportunity to practice editing and proofreading to develop skill in recognizing grammar and mechanics errors in written work.