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Who We Are

Who We Are

iCAN (Independent Christian Academics and Networking) is a homeschool support group dedicated to serving homeschooling families by providing co-op classes, clubs, social events, and graduation.

Membership for iCAN is $25 per family per year (June 1st - May 31st) and includes the opportunity to participate in clubs, such as Robotics, Rock Hounds, and Drama as well as events such as parties, formals, and graduation. Team Sports and Co-op are separate activities with additional costs. Team sports meet on Mondays around Azle area for only $10 per school-age child per year. Co-op (Friday classes), has a registration fee of $20 per child per semester. Individual class fees vary per semester.


There will not be co-op classes for the 2022-23 term

Our co-op meets for 30wks of classes on Fridays in Springtown, offering both core and elective courses taught from a Biblical perspective. We try to keep our costs low by having our classes taught by members of our group who are willing to share their gifts. Any class fees charged are only to cover the supplies needed for the class. We occasionally have an outside instructor offer a class for additional fees if we are unable to find a volunteer to teach a subject that has been requested by our members. Some examples of upper-level classes are computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, history, Spanish, and literature. Various enrichment classes (not skill dependent) for elementary-level students and a nursery are available as well. A parent must stay on-site and will be assigned various duties during co-op. These duties include setting up, cleaning up, monitoring halls, and assisting teachers.

All adults attending co-op days or group events are required to have a background check (costing $10 each) and to complete Youth Protection Training. The training will be done during our Teacher Training and Parent Orientation sessions. If needed, it can also be completed individually by viewing videos online and submitting a completed form. In addition to the background check and training, teachers and leaders are also required to sign our Statement of Faith.