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iCAN Activities

iCAN Activities

Through the much appreciated efforts of all our members, who graciously volunteer to help coordinate, supervise and serve at so many various activities for our students, we have been blessed to offer many of the following events each year. We invite new members to join us in ensuring the ongoing success of these events, and also to suggest new activities to enrich our students' education.


There will be no co-op Classes for the 2022-23 term. 

To join co-op (review co-op policies, class schedule, courses, tuition info & teachers below):

1.Join iCAN  $25 annual membership

2. Register for co-op at $20 per child per semester. You must be a member to register for co-op.

3. Register for classes through our online registration system. You must be a member and have registered for co-op before you can register for classes.

Purpose: In accordance with iCAN mission, a co-op has been established for iCAN member families to help meet an academic needs. Classes are offered in core subjects with electives available as interest and available tutors allow. Understanding that co-op is not meant to replace your homeschool studies but to enhance them, the weekly co-op cannot meet the total academic needs of every student. Teachers may provide a grade – final grade and transcript preparation remains the responsibility of the parent.

Vision for Education: Our desire is to help your student develop those qualities needed for independent study that will serve him or her well in the college or work environment.

iCAN Organization: Co-op is organized by a board that serve in a voluntary capacity, with new board members appointed as the need arises. The iCAN Board will set the class schedule and calendar, secure facility usage, interview and approve all teachers, help resolve conflicts between teachers, students, parents, and others and plan graduation ceremonies with assistance from parents of graduating seniors.

iCAN Board is the primary committee as described in iCAN Member Handbook.

Team Sports

Only $10 per school-age child per year! We meet on Tuesdays to learn and practice team sports and sportsmanship.

iCAN  offers several clubs throughout the month

Club meetings are outside of co-op day
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iCAN Robotics Club will be active mid August - October and is open to students 4th - 12th grade. We will be participating in Cowtown BEST competition for 2018-19.

Fossil Finders Club Schedules day trips to surrounding areas to hunt fossils, minerals, and gems.

iCAN thanks our member families for their input and active participation in planning and organizing these clubs for our kids!

Family Game Night and Activities
iCAN  offers many more opportunities for learning and growing together.

Meet  families while you enjoy some food, fellowship, games and fun!
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The iCAN Board and our members plan monthly Family Game Nights and activities throughout the year for our families to enjoy.  Sign-ups for Family Game Night and activities are available only through our iCAN website calendar.

Fall and Spring Protocol Events

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iCAN is proud to offer Fall and Spring protocol events. In order to promote community formals are no-dance, no-date. The Student Council Board, with student participation, will choose the activity, location and theme.


Science Fair
Come join us for fellowship and learning!
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Held in early January, our annual Science Fair is a time of discovery and showing off your “Science Enthusiasm”.  The science fair is FREE for all families. We also invite non-members to participate!  Science Projects may be of any science category. You can also represent a famous scientist and be part of a timeline demonstration.

You do not need to have an entry for the science fair to join in the fun! Cheer on your classmates, marvel at demonstrations and participate in hands-on activities.

* Non-members are invited to attend


iCAN Yearbook
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iCAN is proud to offer a yearbook that is a great memento of your student's school year.  Our yearbook is organized by the iCAN Yearbook class and also accepts photo contributions from our member families through our online gallery.  Portrait Days are arranged each year so that all of our students have an opportunity to be included.

End-of-Year ShowcaseAnchor
Share your hard work from the school year and celebrate it's completion.
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 Celebrated in mid-May of each year, the End-of-Year Showcase represents an excellent opportunity for family and friends to congratulate their students on their academic and extracurricular achievements of the recent school year.  Students are provided the opportunity to showcase their interests, projects, and awards. 

* Non-members are invited to attend