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Information for Homeschooling in Texas

Information for Homeschooling in Texas

Information for Texas Homeschooling

Home schools are like private schools in Texas for compulsory attendance and issuance of diploma per (Leeper vs. Arlington ISD); and therefore, are not regulated by the Texas Education Agency. As a result, administrators (parents) of home schools have tremendous flexibility in educating their children and establishing the requirements for graduation. Texas courts have established the following minimum requirements for Texas home schools:

  1. Reading
  2. Mathematics
  3. Grammar
  4. Spelling
  5. Good citizenship

The curriculum / lessons must be in visual form (books, workbooks, videos), and must be pursued in a bona fide manner.  We may use, borrow, or purchase curriculum materials from an outside source or develop a curriculum of our own.  We may also send our children to the homes of other parents for instruction or have tutors come into our homes for all or part of the children’s instruction.

For more details, please visit Texas Home School Coalition’s web site at and click on “Home Schooling FAQ’s”, HSLDA Website at and for pdf of state regulations for private and home schools.


  • Texas Homeschool Coalition
  • Heart of Texas
  • Home School Legal Defense Association
  • National Home Education Research Institution
  • Texas Home Educators


Texas Home School Coalition (THSC)
Keeping Texas Families Free

THSC is our state support organization, providing legal assistance and information relevant to home schooling in Texas.  They also provide a wide variety of services and resources, including an annual convention, informative handbook, and a free magazine.
To contact THSC, call 806-744-4441 or go to


HEART of Texas
Our regional homeschool support group

  • Inform new homeschool families about how to get started homeschooling in Texas, what Texas homeschool laws require, and where to find resources and support.
  • Connect families to local support groups within the region.
  • Act as an information clearinghouse for activities, events and news within the regional area that would be of interest to homeschool families and support groups.
  • Encourage communication between local support groups
  • Assist local homeschool leaders by providing resources to help them establish their groups, as well as leadership training and support.
  • Disseminate political information from HSLDA and THSC to local support groups and families.
  • Provide a website and free bi-weekly newsletter.
  • Host an annual Leadership Training Conference.
  • Host an annual regional Homeschool College Night.
  • Host Winter Homeschool Conference
  • Host Annual Regional Homeschool Expo

For more information go to


Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
Our national homeschool support group.

HSLDA is a national organization that provides legal assistance and information in the United States and internationally.  HCCH members receive a $20 discount.
Contact [email protected] for the HCCH discount code.
For more information, go to


National Home Education Research Institute
A clearinghouse of research.

NHERI provides helpful statistical information, particularly for helping skeptical family members understand the strengths of home schooling.
For more information, go to

As a 21st century support organization, T.H.E. exists to enhance, strengthen, and cultivate the grass roots of home education by:
  • Promotion of, and advocating for home-schooling among parents and grandparents, in the media and across social media
  • Partnering with local organizations which need support in staging events, leadership training, or whatever their needs may be, and
  • Providing an umbrella organization assisting individual families and local home-schooling groups to come together for events.