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iCAN  (Independent Christian Academics and Networking) believes the primary purpose of parents is to train and disciple their children in the Lord. We believe our purpose is to assist and encourage parents in their homeschool.

iCAN Homeschool is a homeschool support group dedicated to serve Jr. and Sr. High school homeschooling families with opportunities for fellowship, events and graduation. Our co-op offers core and elective classes taught from a biblical perspective.  Co-op classes for younger siblings will be available for co-op member families.

Teachers and members of leadership are required to sign our Statement of Faith. You are welcome to be a non-voting member of iCAN Homeschool without signing faith statement.

Mandatory background check for all adults (18 and over) attending co-op days and group specific activities (events, field trips, etc) at $10 per adult. Every adult who will attend co-op or associated activities ,such as field trips or events, is required to take Youth Protection Training avalible during Parent Orientation before participating in any event or actvity.

Membership for iCAN Homeschool is $25 per family per year (June 1st - May 31st). Co-op registration is $20 per child per semester. Class fees vary per semester.

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You can submit payment online or pay by check. Mail check payable  to Cindy Fort at 609 Arroyo Drive,Fort Worth, TX 76108.

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