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Become a Member

Want to become a member family? This is what you can expect:

* A large inclusive, non-faith, homeschooling "co-op" (collective), filled will many vibrant and diverse people that are supported by membership participation and a shared learning environment.
* A safe, focused, challenging, passionate, interactive, supportive learning atmosphere for the children of ES and their families.
* EarthSchool of Southern Maine meets from October to May in Gorham, 1x a week on Thursdays from 10-3.
* EarthSchool of Midcoast Maine meets from October to May in Brunswick, 1x a week on Tuesdays from 10-3.
* Most classes are one hour long with two classes in the morning an hour break for lunch followed by two classes in the afternoon.
* Membership responsibilities* include serving on a committee and volunteering (as specified in the membership guide) to ensure our co-op runs smoothly.


Click here to find out more about joining EarthSchool of Southern Maine


Click here to find out more about joining EarthSchool of Midcoast Maine



*Membership Responsibilities:

  • Each member family will be required to volunteer at least 2 hours per week.  Volunteer opportunities include: teaching a class, assisting in a class, serving on a committee, assisting with set up & clean up.
  • We have a zero waste policy and offer recycling and composting. 
  • We maintain a website.  Once registered, members have access to our private forum where important information and updates are shared.