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Welcome to the Atrium at Christ the King Catholic Parish in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

For the academic year 2021-22, Christ the King has the following CGS session times available:

Level ILevel IILevel IIISacramental Prep


Friday AM9:30-11:309:30-11:30

Friday PM3:30-5:003:30-5:003:30-5:00

9:30-11:30 on 10/9, 11/6, 1/15, 2/12, 3/19

in addition to attending a weekly Level II Atrium class

Registration for the 2021-22 academic year will open:

  • August 8 for families with a weekly on-site volunteer
  • August 12 for members of Christ the King parish
  • August 16 for everyone, including members of other parishes

To register for a session, you must first become a member. It is free and easy to do so. Click on "Join" at the upper rightmost corner of the screen to request membership. The membership request involves answering a few questions that will set up a profile for your family and create a username and password. This ensures that class rosters are not available to the public. Not to worry, the profiles of your children are not public either, and you can even customize privacy settings for our (private) member directory.

Once your membership is approved you may log in, and registration is as simple as clicking on a particular session time, checking the box next to your child's name, and finally clicking the 'REGISTER' button.

Double check by clicking on either your 'Registration Summary' or the 'View Class Roster' for the class, and if all looks well, then you are officially signed up for the class. 

The catechists you see at our Atria are all volunteers who have received 90 hours of training per level, and have committed themselves to prayerfully prepare and present to your children the specialized CGS materials, and then step back and let the Lord work in their hearts! Training is available to become a catechist! Please talk to your catechist and/or contact Caty at [email protected]