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Lighthouse Lions

Contact email:

for volleyball: [email protected]

for basketball: [email protected]

all other inquiries: [email protected]

Lighthouse Home School Athletics is a homeschool sports organization that serves greater southeast Texas.

LHSA was established to provide homeschooled youth the opportunities to participate in competitive athletic events in a Christian atmosphere. Through this athletic competition, LHSA is committed to providing parents with support in their responsibility of developing high moral character in each student athlete.

We are honored to have the opportunity to work with and impact the lives of each player.

Our coaches are often volunteer parents as well as experienced coaches and players whose concern is to encourage young men and women to walk in faith toward Jesus Christ as they develop life, team and work skills.

Our Mission

Lighthouse Home School Athletics (LHSA) is a program of STEP, aTexas nonprofit, incorporated, Christian service organization that is established to provide homeschool students educational opportunities. LHSA allows them to compete in competitive sports in a Christian atmosphere. LHSA, with all of its activities, is committed to modeling and teaching Christian character traits, along with good sportsmanship.

LHSA is a member of T-CAL and will be guided in part by T-CAL  by-laws and regulations.



Registration for the Athletic Program of Lighthouse is reserved for members of Lighthouse Homeschool Support. If you would like to register for our athletic program, please complete the membership application and joing the community of homeschoolers working together to provide opportunities for homeschool families in southeast Texas.

We currently offer:

Boy's Basketball

Girl's Volleyball


Girl's Basketball is currently being planned

(email [email protected] for more information or to indicate your interest.)

LHSA Eligibility Requirements Player Requirements

*A player must be homeschooled. "Homeschooled" means that a player must be receiving his or her primary educational direction through the home.

*A player must be living at home with a parent or guardian.

*A player is ineligible if that player has gone through a homeschool, public school, or private school high school graduation ceremony prior to that season's first game.

*A player must be passing all courses in order to participate in a contest or tournament. In performing the role of administrator for the homeschool, the parent is solely responsible for enforcing this rule.

Grade Classifications and Designations

*LHSA athletic program, is designed for Middle School and High School homeschooled students. *Middle School includes grades 6 through 8; High School includes grades 9 through 12.

*A player shall become ineligible after 4 years of high school participation.

*A high school player is ineligible to play on a middle school team unless that team has been designated by coaches and administrators as a mixed-level team for the purposes of that sport and sufficient enrollment.

*A middle school player is ineligible to play on a high school team unless that team has been designated by coaches and administrators as a mixed level team for the purposes of that sport and sufficient enrollment.

Maximum Age Qualifications

*A player is ineligible to play on any team on the next September 1st following that player’s 19th birthday.

Minimum Grade/Age Qualifications

*A player must be in at least the 6th grade AND must be at least 11 years old on September 1st of the current school year in order to participate on a middle school team.

* Bowling participants are not regulated by Lighthouse player requirements, but by the Max Bowl Youth Bowling League requirements. All school-age children are eligible to participate. 

Statement of Faith

We believe in God the Father and His salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, who was crucified to bring all men to reconciliation by faith in Him. It is our hope to share this saving knowledge with others. 

NOTE: All Coaches are required to sign this statement indicating their agreement with it. Although players and parents are not required to sign the statement, we want all families to know that this is an important aspect of LHSA.

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