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Test Prep Workshop

“Test Prep” Workshop

When: May 12, 2021, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (approx. times)
Where: STEP (Ridgewood Church) in Port Arthur, 2920 Lake Arthur Dr.

Cost: $5/student with parent, Max. $10/family

Sometimes test-taking can be unsettling. We would like to alleviate the fear of taking standardized tests and give students and parents confidence that the test is simply an assessment tool, not a measurement of success. 

ADDITIONAL TEST PRACTICE: https://www.testingmom.com/cpc/practice-for-the-itbs-test/

This workshop is designed to help students have the comfort and confidence to perform better on standardized tests such as the ITBS (Iowa Test of basic skills.) During the session, students and parents will be familiarized with the typical content of an achievement test by using a practice test ordered by parents from BJU Press along with test orders. The Iowa test will be administered the following week at Ridgewood, so the information will be fresh. Parents will be given opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the testing procedures as well as how to prepare their students at home. Students will be able to become more familiar with the actual test format and environment at Ridgewood. The practice test must be brought to the workshop. It will be sent to the parent when ordered along with tests (tests are sent to administrator.)

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