Middle and High School Boy's Basketball


Lions competitive Basketball season begins in mid-October.

There are no tryouts for the basketball teams, however teams will be formed according to players’ skills and a skill assessment early in the season and during practice to begin teams and as the season progresses.


The LHSA middle and high school basketball program strives to develop leadership, team building, and Christian character in our team members. Our coaches have a love for the game and are dedicated to teaching the skills needed for competitive play. The basketball program is directed by Lighthouse board and administration and coached by Rob Nobles. 


Quality of Play

Competitive basketball implements high school substitution rules. Unlike Recreational Programs, there is no guarantee of playing time or position. Playing time will be based on skill-sets, agility,endurance, ability, performance, and additionally attitude toward coaches, teammates, referees and others. LHSA will strive to provide as many training opportunities as possible. LHSA is NOT, however, a win-at-all-cost organization. The goal is to provide a program in which athletes can grow physically and spiritually and where Jesus Christ is honored in all respects.

LHSA is a T-CAL member.

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LHSA Basketball will be guided in part by the by-laws and regulations of T-CAL. 



2020-2021 Season’s first practice will be announced at registration time and will be held at Ridgewood Church Gym. At first, coaches would like to meet all the parents and players at  to go over the season requirements, expectations, and plan and answer any questions. The first week of practice begins October 15 and will be scheduled after registration completes. Its purpose will be to work on conditioning and skills. This will be a conditioning week and requires a full commitment from players and parents to be in attendance, timely and motivated. After the first week, regular practice times will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at varying times in the evenings for middle and high school throughout the season, unless we have a game scheduled that evening, for which practice will be cancelled or rescheduled. Once we obtain a somewhat complete schedule weekly or biweekly notices will be sent to announce practice times, games and any upcoming tournaments. The season runs from late October through early February. LHSA schedules games against area Private, Christian, Public, and Charter schools, including at least one weekend tournament.


The cost of the season to play is $275.00 for High School or $225 for Middle School (7th-8th grade) and requires an additional family membership with Lighthouse Homeschool Support ($40 annual fee that includes a number of other benefits.) We hope to form a developmental team for 5th-6th grade students should there be sufficient interest. This would include younger players and would focus on developing skills, but would not include competitive play unless there are teams in that age range to play.  Current members only pay the registration fee. We are trying to keep the cost to a minimum but  we will need to purchase more uniforms, equipment, pay referees, and help pay facility utilities as well as league fees. There will be volunteer needs, required service times and fundraiser participation. The cost includes the fees to one tournament. Any other tournament play will require a minimum player roster and will include a tournament fee, for which players may pay up front or host a fundraiser. Any team sponsorships obtained will contribute to tournament fees, auxiliary equipment and or coaching assistance. If a player locates and confirms a team sponsor of $300 or more, $50 of player registration fee will be waived and the sponsor will receive acknowledgment through signage and/or website promotion. (Or, for each $100 of sponsorship obtained, player/family will receive a free team t-shirt.) The more sponsors you get, the more you save!

Registration for the Athletic Program of Lighthouse is reserved for members of Lighthouse Homeschool Support. If you would like to register for our athletic program, please complete the membership application and join the community of homeschoolers working together to provide opportunities for homeschool families in Southeast Texas.

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Practice location will be primarily at Ridgewood church Port Arthur, but may include locations in Groves, Nederland or Beaumont. 

Contact us if you have questions as we will begin practicing soon and will hold a season opening meeting September 25th at 5:30 at Ridgewood Church. 

You may call and leave a message at 409-729-6000 or email [email protected]

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