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Lighthouse Home School Support Presents:

We are sorry to inform you that the SETX Homeschool Science Fair 2021 has been cancelled. 

The Southeast Texas Homeschool Science Fair


(Lighthouse Home School Support membership is NOT required to participate, however members will receive reduced entry fee.)

Click the welcome link above to get started!

2020 will be our third year to bring together the homeschool community for this STEM project event and we are excited about YOU being one of our Exhibitors!!
The entire community will be invited to come during our Public Viewing time to see projects & talk to the Exhibitors!!

GET YOUR IDEAS FLOWING. Registration begins Sept. 30!

(Please read Project Guide PRIOR to registration.)

Regular registration will begin Sept.30.  For Lighthouse Ed. Svcs. members, entry fee for each individual project is $15, $20 for  2 person team project.   For non-members, project fee is $20 individual and $30 for 2 person team.) Fee includes one adult and one child museum admission on date of event. (Proceeds from entry fees are used for museum entrance, prizes and for judge's hospitality and travel expense.)

Regular Registration ends Dec. 31st and a $5/ person late fee will apply for all late registrants.

All entries registered by December 31st will be welcome to attend a FREE project workshop provided by administrators January 7th at 2:30 pm (click here to register for workshop) at Ridegwood Church 2920 Lake Arthur Drive, Port Arthur.  Students will need to have chosen a project topic.

2920 Lake Arthur Drive, Port Arthur, TX

February 15, 2021

Late Registration Deadline -  Jan 14

Register HERE

Our Vision -  The founders and board of STEP have committed to seek opportunities to promote STEM projects in an effort to encourage growth and understanding, but more importantly, we wish to glorify the Lord and Creator by providing opportunities for homeschool youth to discover truths about God's creation, drawing them closer to him.

Benefits of Participation

  • Gives an opportunity for you to explore an aspect of God's creation with your child
  • Helps children know God by understanding his works
  • Teaches- reasearch skills, goal setting, public speaking and visual presentation
  • Provides opportunity for the whole family to participate, grow and be creative
  • Provides corroborative and cooperative experience among homeschool families

What's the Plan?

      The fair will not require an experiment with every type of project.  Instead, there will be three types of projects: 1. Collection, 2. Model / Demonstration, or 3. Experiment.
We do not require an exhibitor to do an experiment for the  first two.  Please review the 
"Science Fair" tab for more specifics on each and a judging criteria.  Our Score Sheets tab  
includes how each is scored, so that each exhibitor is properly prepared. More information about Rules, Guidelines, a project guide, a timeline and more can be found under the "Homeschool Science Fair" dropdown menu in Lighthouse's Opportunities tab.

          We will recognize exhibitors in as many ways as possible for their effort.  They will receive a 
participant ribbon, certificate, gift packet, and may also earn a placement ribbon and have the 
opportunity to earn specialty ribbons, which in each grade division include Grand Champion. 


Help us to honor our exhibitors by being a sponsor!!  Click here to become a sponsor or to purchase an ad in our program!

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     We want to do everything we can for the fair to be a positive and encouraging experience for our exhibitors.  We want them to come away with a love of learning and science.