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Discovery Trunk by Museum of the Gulf Coast

Wonders of the Sea Discovery Trunk for ages 4-12

June 11, 10 AM at Lighthouse in Ridgewood Church Gym, 2920 Lake Arthur Drive, Port Arthur.

CPR Certification Class

July 16 at 10 AM

Ages 10 and up

By Mayday CPR Training

Sponsored by Lighthouse at Ridgewood Church

2920 Lake Arthur Drive, Port Arthur

IEW Writing Workshop

Chemistry of Color

CMY Color Wheel

More Info TBA

October Mom/Family Health Tips

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October Workshop ages 6-10

Fun coding for ages 6-10

Let's code with emoji's and try out our program with a maze!

Sept-Oct Workshop High School

God's Rules Economics for Teens

Understanding money and God's principles with finances.

High School 2 semesters

High School Essay and Public Speaking 22 Week Intensive

December Workshop ages 8-12

It's a fun, electric robot you build!

Build a moving robot! Cost is for actual 4M kit only: $12-$15