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Working together to Enrich and Educate.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn."

- Benjamin Franklin

Educating Teen Students

We provide academic subjects for teens which fulfill part of their high school requirements. This allows teens to participate in the fun and social aspects of Legacy, without sacrificing education – and relieves some of the burden on the parent. Our recent subjects for teens have included:

Ø American Government

Ø Economics 101

Ø Chemistry (with lab)

Ø Biology (with lab)

Ø IEW- Elegant Essays

Ø High School Debate

Ø S.T.E.M. Lab

Educating Younger Students

We also work to provide fun, quality courses for our young students with age-appropriate classes. Classes we’ve recently offered include:

Ø Candy Science

Ø Debate/Public Speaking

Ø Math Lab

Ø Beginner Spanish

Ø Adventures in American History

Ø American Sign Language (ASL)

Ø U.S. Presidents Trivia

Ø Greek Mythology Trivia


Enriching students   
We provide great enrichment classes that focus in a variety of fun, creative subjects.  Our students have often been heard saying: “That class was so cool!” or, “Wow I can’t believe we did that in class!”  Some of our recent, high-quality enrichment courses include: 

  • STAGEPLAY Learning Company provides Creative Dramatics
  • Studio Legacy Drama
  • Teen Drama Study


  • Intro to Watercolors
  • Chalk pastel Art
  • Character Drawing
  • Art with the Masters


  • Singing Skills
  • Beginning Choir
  •  Intermediate Choir


  •  S.T.E.A.M.punk Inventions and Literature
  • Junior BizTown
  • Hogwarts Year 1 and 2
  • Gaming/Chess o Character Building
  • Little House Book club o Advertising
  • Disastrous Survival Fun
  • American Girl
  • K-2 Cooking
  • World Music 

Photo Gallery

Enrichment 2

     I would like to go to Legacy everyday!”  – Mollie Lybarger, age12 

Promoting Strong Social Groups 
We always strive to create strong and lasting relationships for our children. It is through shared experiences and consistent interactions that strangers can become friends. To do this, we provide social and group events, including:  

Various Teen Events:

  • Silly Supper
  • Game Night
  • Tech Shop

Educational Field Trips:

  • Careers in S.T.E.M.
  • Inside the Federal Reserve

Adventure / Fun Trips:

  • Nature Center Night Hike  
  • Godfrey Haunted Corn Maze
  • Treehouse - Predators

Charitable Works”

Students raised ~500 items for Co-op Easter Food Drive

Performance Nights:

  • Fall Showcase
  • Spring Showcase

Legacy Co-op Student Council

 Park / Field / Recreation Days 

Our Focus is on Educating and Enriching.