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Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone! Therefore, you shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength. Take to heart these words which I enjoin on you today. Drill them into your children. Speak of them at home and abroad, whether you are busy or at rest. (Dt 6:4-7)


SJHE Code of Conduct

As members of St. John’s Home Educators (SJHE), we represent home education, our families, our parish, and, most importantly, our Lord Jesus Christ. Our actions and attitudes should honor God and be consistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The purpose of this code of conduct is to promote a Christ-like attitude in our homeschool community and to encourage the development of positive Christian relationships amongst each other.

All members are expected to represent SJHE with the highest standards of integrity and Christian character.  Therefore, at all SJHE-related functions, we ask that all SJHE members and students refrain from:

  • profanity
  • smoking
  • drug or alcohol abuse
  • fighting
  • possession of weapons
  • slander
  • physical or verbal insults
  • immodest or inappropriate dress

The following are additional guidelines for conduct at SJHE-sponsored activities/events:

Guidelines for Parents:

Parents are responsible for their own children’s behavior and must ensure that they are acting in accordance with these rules.

Supervision is necessary to ensure safety, to avoid accidents and to encourage the proper moral standards of our youth. Parents should stay with their children whenever possible, unless arrangements are made for another parent to supervise the children. If parents have designated another parent to supervise their children at an event, the activity coordinator should be informed of your designee.

If your child is misbehaving and you, as the parent(s) or the activity coordinator/chaperon is unable to address/correct the behavior, the event coordinator will ask the parent(s), if present, to take the child and leave the event. If a parent is not present, the event coordinator will contact the parent(s) and ask them to come and pick up their child. At least two leaders/chaperons will be assigned to stay with the child while waiting for the parent(s) to arrive. If personal harm is involved, the leadership of that activity and the group coordinator should be notified immediately, and the child(ren) removed from the area. Any cost to repair damages by a child is the responsibility of the parent.

Guidelines for Teens and Children:

To show thoughtfulness and respect for our parish:

  • Stay in designated areas. If an event is being held indoors, everyone must remain indoors during the event.
  • Talking in the restrooms should be kept to a minimum. No loitering in the restrooms. Restrooms must be kept clean.
  • Trash must be thrown away properly.
  • Any spills or messes must be cleaned up promptly and not left for others to handle.
  • No running, wrestling, loud active play or horseplay is allowed indoors. Outdoor play equipment (i.e., balls, skates, etc.) is not permitted indoors.
  • Be respectful of the landscaping and stay on designated paths.
    • No climbing or hanging on trees
    • No climbing, sitting, or standing on railings
    • No climbing,, sitting, or standing on stone walls, archways, or bell towers
  • Equipment and supplies should be used properly and reasonably, not wastefully. Any areas and supplies that are not designated for homeschool use are to be left undisturbed unless permission has been granted to utilize them (e.g., school playground or parking lot).

To show respect for all participating families:

  • Be on your “best” behavior. Remember to be a positive example to others. It is especially important for teens to be good examples of positive behavior to the younger children. Members are encouraged to exemplify Christian love in all interactions at group activities in accordance with 1 Cor 13. Children should show respect for property, others, and especially, elders. Avoid disrespectful, offensive, rude or immoral behavior.
  • Whenever refreshments are being served during family events, parents are to accompany their small children to the serving table, supervise them while eating, and properly dispose of trash.
  • Children and parents should express thankfulness to organizers, tour guides, etc. before and after an event or field trip.
  • Everyone should consider others when they choose what to wear to group functions. It is better to be modest than to cause someone to be distracted or offended. Parents especially should be mindful of the moral obligations to ensure that the child complies with dress codes at all events.

To show respect for the group leadership and event coordinators:

  • Bring constructive input and opinions to the coordinator in a responsible and respectful manner.
  • Recognize the leadership as volunteers and afford them a good measure of grace and gratitude.
  • Avoid unnecessary gossiping about one another to leadership. Handle conflict privately and in a Christ-like manner.

If a board member is made aware that any of these offenses have occurred, steps will be taken according to the SJHE Bylaws (Conflict Resolution).