Calvary Homeschool Network


Does a family need to attend Calvary Chapel Ontario to be a member of CHN?

No, you do not have to attend Calvary Chapel Ontario in order to be a member of CHN or participate in Monday Co-op.  You must however, agree to, sign and live by our statement of faith and philosophies of ministry to become a member.


What is the annual membership fee used for?

This is applied to maintain our website, which is a third party program created for homeschool groups such as ours.  Since this is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Ontario, there are no building use fees. The only other fees would be associated with registering for a particular co-op class.  


Do I have to be a member of CHN to attend Monday Co-op?

Yes. All students who attend Co-op classes must be approved CHN members.


Can I be a member of CHN and not attend Monday Co-op?

Yes. If you are a member of CHN and have paid your annual dues for membership you are able to participate in all field trips, events and activities associated with CHN, but are not required to participate in each one.


Do I have to attend field trips and other events?

No, attendance is not required but is a wonderful source of fellowship, encouragement and friendship and is highly recommended.


As a parent, what type of participation will be required of me in Monday Co-op?

We do require co-op participants to either teach a class, assist in a class, provide nursery support, administrative or cleaning support or assume some substantial role in the co-op so that it will be an enjoyable and successful experience for all.


Can I drop my children off at Co-op and pick them up when it is finished?

No. Drop offs are not allowed due to the cooperative effort needed to make Co-op function successfully and also due to our child security policies in place at Calvary and with our insurance company.


Are classes offered for Preschoolers?

Yes, we provide preschool level classes for siblings of older students.  If your child is over 2 and potty trained they may attend the preschool class. If they don’t yet meet that marker, or if they have difficulty being separated from mom, they should attend nursery or stay with mom in class.


Is there an age requirement to begin Kindergarten?

Yes, your student must be 5 years of age by the first day of Monday Co-op which is September 26th this year.


How many families are a part of Monday Co-op?

Fall of 2016 was our first session with 10 families participating.