Calvary Homeschool Network

Monday Co-op

Families who are members of CHN are welcome to participate in our Monday Co-op.  

Planning meetings will be announced through the forum on this website. You will need to attend the planning meeting in order for your students to attend the co-op; or if you have a conflict on the date of the planning meeting, you can connect with Brandy Sorenson ahead of time with a class plan of what you would like to teach.

Next Planning Session will be: Monday, January 7th at 10am in the small sanctuary.

This is a completely cooperative effort, so each family that registers students will:

  • Need to serve in a teaching or administrative capacity
  • Need to stay on the premises during the co-op time
  • Pay any fees associated with the classes you have chosen (required books or supplies)
  • Adhere to the student behavior philosophies that have been established.