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Membership Closed

Our Membership is closed for the 2017/2018 school year.  

We will re-open membership in August of 2018.  

Come visit us again at that time if you would like to join the Bocahomeschoolers.

Top Ten Reasons Boca Homeschoolers Exist

  1. To form lasting friendships between children and families.  “As iron sharpens iron, so are good friends.”  Prayer from the Board of Boca Homeschoolers and scriptures to pray.

  2. For information on curriculums, tutor-driven classes, co-ops and availability to be on the National Honor Society.

  3. Availability of group activities such as: International Day, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Party and Field Trips.

  4. To be united as one voice in our local and state governments and to be updated on recent changes to the homeschooling laws.

  5. To receive group discounts on FPEA state memberships.

  6. To be informed, encourage others, serve, and be encouraged at monthly meetings with other home school families.

  7. End of year Kindergarten Graduation and Senior Graduation Ceremonies.  

  8. Yearbook information.

  9. An informative, user-friendly website to navigate and coordinate information.  A Facebook group for information on events, blogs and links for homeschoolers.

  10. Information on evaluators, testing and end-year process for the Palm Beach County School Board.