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SRCHC Co-op Policies


Our Mission Statement:

SRCHC exists to strengthen the homeschool community by providing support, encouragement and opportunities to homeschooling families, bringing glory to God. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that fosters the love and challenge of learning while promoting and teaching Christian values. We offer enrichment and academic classes from a Biblical Christian worldview for students from preschool through high school in an environment, which stresses Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Our goal for Parents:

 - Academic instructions to enhance parents' efforts as they fully accept the biblical responsibility to “train up a child in the way he should go.” (Proverbs 22:6)  

- Support for members through prayer and commitment, sharing educational information, and the sharing of gifts and talents given by God to help one another.

- An environment that fosters and encourages relationships among children and adults that honor the Lord.

Our goal for Students:

- Consistent opportunities to interact with a group of children and teachers and to learn the importance and blessing of respecting authority.
- Encouragement and reinforcement of the character traits of attentiveness, cooperation and responsibility.


Registration is first come first serve on the co-op website, with priorty given to returning families.  New families must be registering at least one student aged 6 years or older in order to join co-op.  All children attending co-op must be reigstered in a class (or nursery, study hall or overflow), regardless of age.

Class requirements

Be sure to check the age requirements and prerequisites before registering for a class. Students must be the age stated in the class outlines by the first day of co-op classes. The Leadership Team may consider children who do not meet class requirements of admission if space is available on an individual basis, after all returning families have registered. Students inappropriately registered for a class may be placed in Study Hall for that hour. Please read class descriptions carefully to be sure your child is able to handle the homework and requirements of all the classes you choose.  If you have questions or concerns about a class offering, please contact the teacher. Teachers reserve the right to ask those students not fully participating in the class to drop that class.

On Site Parents:

Because SRCHC is a cooperative effort, parents* must be on the premises with their children every SRCHC school day. If parents find they must leave for any reason, children must leave with the parents. No child is to be on site without a parent.  Parents are also required to complete jobs every week (set up, clean up, teacher's assistant, etc.). You may be required to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early or stay 15-20 minutes after co-op to complete your assigned jobs. Failure to complete parental duties may result in a loss of priority registration.

*In some cases, grandparents or other responsible adults may take the place of a parent with the permission of leadership.  Parents who miss more than two consecutive weeks of co-op (while their children attend with someone else) without permission of leadership may forfeit their family's eligibility to attend co-op. 

Information Center / Email / Facebook / Calendar/Yearbook:

An information center is set up outside the Nursery during co-op hours.  Each family will have a hanging file folder labeled with their last name. Please make sure to check your folder every week for updates and news.This is also a great place to keep your name badge.

Email is the primary means of communication used by co-op.  It is very important that you check your email and read all communications completely so that you know what is going on in co-op.  

We use Facebook to connect.  Facebook is for general information, relevant to most of the group.  Our page is monitored by leadership.  If we choose not to approve a post, the poster will be notified with a reason via email.

We maintain a master calendar in our software program.  If you wish to post an event, party, playdate, etc. you may do so by logging in and clicking "submit new" on the calendar portion of the homepage.  All dates/events are subject to approval by leadership. 

We put together a yearbook that can be purchased through a website currently Treering, this information is shared throughout the year. We take pictures throughout the year for this purpose. Pictures are shared to our private Facebook group so they can be uploaded to the yearbook website (Treering).

SRCHC Entrance: 

All SRCHC families will use the main church entrance.  Exterior doors are locked during co-op for the safety of our students.
Inclement Weather/Emergency Closures: 

If South Kitsap School District is closed or delayed, co-op classes will be canceled. School closures are announced on local television and radio stations. Leadership will attempt to email and post on the Facebook page as well.  In the event that the South Kitsap School District decides on an early release due to an expected storm, co-op will not be cancelled if the release time for South Kitsap High School is 12:30 pm or later.
Lost and Found: 

Items left on Thursdays will be held in the white SRCHC cabinet in the parent café for two weeks. After that time, items may be donated to charity. SRCHC and CRCC are not to be held responsible for lost or stolen articles.  Please make sure to check the lost and found regularly.

Chapel/Lunch Time

Chapel time will be held between second and third hour in the Blue Room. Parents and students are required to attend.  Families will come together to sing praise and worship to the Lord, hear important announcements, share in devotions and Bible studies, and pray for blessings upon our school day. Lunch/Chapel runs from 11:00-11:55am in the Blue Room.  Chapel time is an important part of our co-op.  We encourage families to sit together and towards the front and center of the room. 

The Blue Room is also home to our PE classes.  Please do not allow children to play with any PE equipment during class breaks or chapel.  Please clean up and vacate chapel promptly as PE begins at 12:00pm

During lunch and chapel parents are responsible for their children during this time, please bring a blanket or towel to sit on for lunch. Clean up all crumbs and garbage after lunch. 


A $40 non-refundable registration fee (per family) is due prior to registering for classes.   This is to be paid directly to CRCC (Christ the Rock Community Church) via check. The check will be given to the directors to record and then given to the church.

Class fees are broken down into two payments throughout the year:  1st Semester Materials Fees and 2nd Semester Materials Fees.  Please check the Co-op calendar for due dates.  All payments associated with classes must be paid directly to the teacher of the class. Teaching takes extra time and prep and we encourage you to donate a gift to show your teachers appreciation for all of the extra work they put in at home to prepare for a wonderful co-op class.

There are no refunds on material fees once they have been paid.  Fees may not be transferred from one class to another.
Class Adds and Drops

Class adds may be done on the website at anytime, providing there is space available and the class is listed as open.  Class fees will not be prorated for a partial semester.  

You must email leadership at to drop a class. Please advise that there are no refunds for tuitions and fees already paid.   Material fees are not transferable from one class to another.


Most teachers are parents of students who attend co-op, and do not necessarily have formal instruction as teachers.  Teachers determine their own course content and materials and are in agreement with the SRCH Mission Statement. Teachers are not employed by SRCH, but are volunteers in the co-op. If a teacher is unable to come to class, the class aide(s) will be responsible for that time period. All fees paid to teachers are non-refundable.

Teachers’ Aides

Teachers’ aides assist teachers, take attendance, and substitute in a teacher’s absence. We encourage teachers to communicate with their aides as to what will be most helpful for their class.  If a TA cannot attend co-op, it is their responsibility to contact the TEACHER so that the teacher can request a floater in the parent room.
Class Supplies

Students should come prepared with ALL required supplies on the first day of classes, and every day thereafter. All supplies should be marked with the student’s name. Students who come to classes without their supplies or homework during the year may be sent to Study Hall or asked to leave the class.

The nursery room is available during the hours you are registered at SRCHC. The nursery is for children from birth to 2 years old.  You must register your infant to secure a spot in the nursery as there is limited space.  Please be considerate and pick up your children promptly.  
Study Hall

Study Hall is for children who can read, study, or work on their own assignments quietly. The study hall tables are to be used when your children are not in a regular class.  Students must be officially registered for Study Hall (although this is a tuition-free option), and parents must provide enough work to keep them independantly occupied for the duration of class time (55 minutes).

Parent Room

The parent room is located upstairs. This room is for parents who do not have an assigned job during a given hour.  All parents who do not have an assigned job during an hour are considered "subs" for other jobs during that hour.  Jobs in need of "subs" will be listed on the whiteboard in the parent room, and if there is a need, these parents are expected to fill in.  Parents are asked to use this room for socializing, and NOT the main lobby, study hall, or other areas of the church. Please be respectful of the members of our church staff, who are working throughout the building during the day.


Special Needs

Students with special needs are welcome at co-op, parents need to keep in mind that our teachers and volunteers are not trained in special needs. While teachers and leadership will do what they can within reason to accommodate the needs of special needs students, meeting those needs is ultimately up to the parent.  In some cases, parents may be required to attend their student's classes.  Please let teachers and parents know of any special needs in advance of registration to ensure that SRCHC will be a good fit for your student.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Parental participation is mandatory. No student will be allowed at SRCHC without a parent present, without the consent of leadership.
  • By registering for the SRCHC program, you agree to complete your assigned job each Thursday.  You may also be called upon during the year if additional help is needed, even if you are not assigned a job during that hour.  It is important to be on time for all jobs.
  • If you are unable to fulfill your assigned job due to absence, it is your responsibility to find someone to write your job on the floater board in the parent cafe.  Failure to perform assigned duties may result in loss of privilege to participate in co-op.
  • During co-op, parents should be doing a job, in a child’s class, in Study Hall, Chapel or in the Parent Café.  Parents may walk around the church campus if they leave their name and/or cell phone number on the whiteboard in the Parent Café.
  • Families are asked to respect the SRCHC board’s standard regarding boy/girl relationships.
  • Demonstrating respect for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Public displays of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are not acceptable at co-op.
  • All parents are responsible to enforce SRCHC rules. Parents are responsible for their children knowing and adhering to SRCHC rules.
  • Children are not allowed in classes they are not registered for; this includes siblings. If you have children in public or private school, they may not attend SRCHC on days they are out of school.
  • Children must be registered in a class, studyhall or nursery, every hour that they are at co-op.
  • Do not send your child to class during the contagious stages of an illness, with a fever, or lice.
  • Do not socialize or use cell phones while in the classrooms. Teachers and Teachers’ Aides reserve the right to ask those disturbing their class to leave.
  • Parents and students are to dress modestly.
  • Parents will be contacted if a disciplinary problem arises and may be asked to remove their child from class. Parents are responsible for their children’s actions and behavior and should supervise their children when they are not in classes (during chapel, before and after co-op).
  • No pets are allowed on the church premises.
  • Participation is contingent on material fees being paid on time. Pay according to the Payment Schedule. Material fees are non-refundable.  All payments must be made directly to the teacher.  
  • A non-refundable $40 registration fee per family must be paid to be eligible to register for classes on the website. This is paid via check directly to CRCC. It is the only fee payable to Christ the Rock directly.
  • Classes last all co-op year. Although we label the semesters as first and second, there is no change in classes for the new semester.
  • All SRCHC co-op families must agree to abide by these rules, set for our group by Christ the Rock Community Church while using this facility.
Failure to comply with parent policies will jeopardize your privilege to participate in the SRCHC program.
Student Responsibilities
  • Show respect for all adults and peers. Address adults with respect (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss).
  • Be on time for class and prepared to learn (i.e. completed assignments, sharpened pencils, all required books and supplies). All supplies, including bags should be marked with your name!
  • Students arriving at SRCHC before classes begin will remain with their parents until classes begin. Likewise, after co-op, students will remain with parents until leaving the building.
  • Students may not be in the Blue Room without adult supervision at any time.
  • Participate willingly in classes and cheerfully help with all cleanup.
  • Ask teacher’s permission if you must leave the room.
  • Be respectful and do not disrupt class.
  • Be in class or study hall at all times while on campus.
  • Walk and talk quietly while changing classes. NO RUNNING.
  • Study hall is for working or reading independently and quietly. Be sensitive to other students working in study hall-work quietly.
  • Bring to co-op only what you need for class. (no toys, electronics, balls, skateboards, etc.) Pocket knives are not allowed on campus.
  • Show respect for church property. You will be held accountable for any damages.
  • Cell phones must be turned off while classes are in session.
  • No gum is allowed anywhere on the premises.
  • Dress modestly.

Failure to comply with student policies will jeopardize your privilege to participate in the SRCHC program.