What is the structure of CHEFF?

Together the coordinators and board members  along with the members  plan and organize activities for the year. These activities include field trips, park days,  sports days, Mom 2 Mom, Dad 2 Dad, community service.   The coordinators are supported and advised by a few homeschooling mothers who have an abundance of experience and wisdom.

What can I expect at the Mom 2 Mom nights out?

We have a monthly Mom’s night out to support one another.  We meet at local places and open up with devotions, a brief discussion of upcoming events or things the mom would like to do and continue with socializing.  We sometimes have themed topics as well.  These Mom 2 Mom are usually on a Monday evening.

What can I expect at the Dad 2 Dad nights out?

The fathers get together as well.  They plan local and out of town events that are more dad friendly, whether a paint ball trip, sporting event, etc.  This is not a monthly occurrence like the Mom 2 Mom but much needed for our hard working dads!


Do I have to DO anything to become a member?

Yes. As a member of the group, you are required to attend at least one event and turn in a mandatory liability form. You are not required perform any specific tasks. We do however, encourage people to volunteer on occasion to help with sports days, community service projects, field trips, or any other need as it arises.


What are park days?

Park days are a relaxed time of fun for our children. We meet at a pre-selected local park. This allows our children to make new friends, get some exercise, and have a little fun.


Where do we go for field trips?

We try to offer a variety of field trips throughout the year that are relevant to the ages of the children in CHEFF. The goal of these outings is to enrich your child’s learning experience. Some examples of field trips we have taken are the Florida Aquarium, Solomon’s Castle, and Cracker Country. Because Highlands County is a smaller community, we often drive to larger cities to participate in a field trip. Many parent’s will commute together.


What are Mentoring Moms?

CHEFF has moms who have been homeschooling who would love to help guide, encourage the new homeschoolers.  We also mentor moms who are not eligible for membership yet because their children are too young to join but we would like to encourage moms with their decision and give resources to help them along.  Please contact us is you would like to have a mentor mom contact you.


Do you do anything else?

Yes. We try to offer other opportunities for families throughout the year. During various holidays, we will have themed parties or events. Each year we participate in a community service. Full family picnics are scheduled, and twice a year special community information nights are hosted for families considering homeschooling.


What are the requirements to join CHEFF?

You must have a child currently enrolled as a home-school student between Kindergarten to 12th grade or a 4 year old  whose families are interested in homeschooling and need support to guide them in those early years.  We are not a preschool play group.  Dues will be paid by preschool families as well.  Each parent is responsible for the actions and care of their children at all times. There is a $25  yearly membership fee. This amount includes member access to the website (calender, forum, events etc.)  and helps to off set the cost of office products and guest speakers. If members wish to join FPEA, there is a link and code provided on the web site, and this is an additional $30.  Most importantly, we ask that everyone strives to show the love of Christ to ALL members. Although we are not a denomination specific group, we are all followers of Christ and expect everyone to respect the differences of other families. This respect includes refraining from gossip or topics that are not uplifting.


If I join the group, does that mean I am enrolled in FPEA?

No, FPEA is joined separately, although we provide a link and a code in order to through our group.  This is an addition to CHEFF dues.