New to CHEFF

New to CHEFF

So you’ve taken the leap. You are now offically a home schooling parent!!!  Congratulations and welcome to CHEFF. We want to help you, support you and encourage you each step of this incredible journey. (Isn’t that a book that would be a great read aloud?)  :)   We know that after you have made the decision to home educate, taken a deep breath, and the dust has settled life can get a little overwhelming and maneuvering the forum can seem a bit much as well.

So specifically for new home schoolers here are some frequently asked questions about the forum.


1)  Do I need to sign up on the calendar for each event?

Yes, unless the event is an ongoing event such as park day or moms night out or the thread specifically says to sign up on the thread go to the calendar, click on the event and a sign up box should allow you to register your party for that acitivity.

2)  How are events listed and announced?

On the forum, there are different topics.  For instance, moms night out, field trips, CHEFF events, dads, and resources and legal questions and general conversations.  Each event or activity will be listed under the topic that pertains to that event.  For instance, end of school year party under CHEFF events. etc.


3)  How do I pay for a field trip or activity?

Usually, each field trip or activity will have a beginning thread that lists on the information about that event. For instance, date, time, cost, things to bring, etc.   There will usually be an address that you can send a check included in that information.  Most times there will be a pay pal link above the information for your convenience.  There may be a small fee associated with pay pal, because they charge a percentage for it’s use.    Each new comment or question builds upon the originial post.  As posts grow, you must often scroll down to find the pay pal link or the orginial event information.

4)  Are there reminders for payment deadlines?

Usually the board of directors tries to post a reminder of the impending deadline the day before the deadline. However, there have been times that that has not been possible so please pay close attention to deadlines.

5)  How will I know what time to meet for a field trip?

Scroll down on that particular field trip thread and the time and information will be at the bottom.  The field trip coordinator for that particular event will usually also post a reminder post a day or so before the activity.

6) Are CHEFF dues and FPEA dues the same?

No, CHEFF dues are JUST for the running of our  support group in Highlands County, paper products, speakers, etc.  FPEA is our state organization and we must sign up and pay their dues at the website. However, there is a code posted on the forum that gives us a ten dollar discount for being a part of CHEFF.  You will find this under the thread entitled dues.

7)  How do I pay my dues?

Under the thread entitled Dues/Liability, scroll down and there is a pay pal link for your convenience. Also, there is an address if you scroll to the bottom.