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We are only accepting registrations for current TGIF members at this time.

Membership for the 2017-2018 is full and we have a waiting list.  If you would like to be placed on the waitlist, please email us at  You will be contacted by an admin if we have room for your family.

  I have read all materials in the tgif Information Packet (Membership Requirements, Specials Day Policies and Security Procedures) and the tgif Bylaws and will make my family aware of all policies and procedures pertaining to the group. 
(Note: If you would like to receive a hard-copy of the tgif Information Packet or Bylaws, please email us at

 I have read the Statement of Faith and understand that it constitutes the beliefs of this organization, and I agree not to contradict these beliefs.

 I understand that expressions of the Christian faith are to be expected and encouraged in Specials Day classes, support group meetings, and other tgif events and activities. Contradiction of Christian beliefs in word or action is grounds for expulsion from the group.

 I understand that this is a co-op and that I will be expected to contribute through my choice of member job, and that not completing my member job may result in loss of returning member privileges, including the loss of reduced enrollment fees and earlier enrollment options.
** Note! I understand that I will submit a $40 check (post-dated for December 31) along with my registration fee. This check will be returned upon completion of my member job. In the case my member job is not completed, this check will be cashed by tgif!

 I understand that tgif's general liability policy will not provide coverage for tgif or its members for claims that were the result of negligence of the organization or its members. 

 I will not hold program coordinators, leaders, or teachers responsible for damage, loss, or injury occurring to myself, my family members, or children in my care as a result of participation in this group.

 I hereby authorize tgif to use and reproduce any photographs of my/child's participation for any and all purposes, including but not limited to: Talent Night slide show (including sale of slide show CD for fundraising), yearbook and the website.

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