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Social support for your kids Educational support for your kids
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"How to homeschool" support for YOU Friendships for YOU
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Our group meets regularly for enrichment activities, service projects, field trips, park days, indoor activities, play dates, fun days, age-based activities (preshool/elementary/jr. high/high school), family events, service projects, educational “road trips,” Mom's Nights Out, and Dad's Nights Out. The group is member-led, so activities are determined based on the needs and desires of the group with each family having opportunities to plan events. Which types of activities are you most interested in for your family?


All Heritage families are required to plan at least 1 activity per school year, and the group leaders can help you as needed. Are you willing to plan at least 1 event this school year?

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Attending events and getting involved is the best way to build relationships and fully engage in the Heritage homeschooling community. We do not have mandatory attendance requirements, but will your family be available to participate in at least a few activities per semester? 

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