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Request Membership in Heritage Homeschoolers!

Fill out the form below and click the Continue button at the bottom.

Thank you for expressing interest in Heritage Homeschoolers! Please follow the steps below after completing the registration form: 

1) Payment: In addition to completing the information below, you will need to process payment for 2020-21 annual dues of $65 per family. This will provide membership to the group until August 1st, 2021. 

2) Directory info: Including your child's birthdate is required for membership. The children's ages are included in the online directory as it is NOT on the public site and is only available in the password-protected directory for members. The directory information is very helpful for contacting members and enhances the communication and activity planning within the group. 

3) Membership application: After submitting your membership request, please complete the full membership application

4) Handbook: Reading the membership handbook in full is a requirement for membership. By continuing with the membership process, you are acknowledging that you've read and understand the information in the handbook. 

Please note: Member families MUST have at least 1 homeschooled child. If your oldest child is a preschooler or all of your children attend school full-time, please do not apply. If your oldest homeschooled child is not at least 5 years old, please wait and apply after their 5th birthday. If you're only considering homeschooling at this time and have not committed to pursuing it for the 2020-2021 school year, please do not apply.

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