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Website Guidelines

We want our website to be a forum for sharing information about issues, resources, and activities of interest to homeschoolers.

Please send all event/activity announcements to the Calendar & Event Coordinator. For a list of current officers and volunteers, look under the About Us page on the website to find out who the current Calendar & Event coordinator is.  Or go to our Calendar Information page (viewable only to NSCH members) or Field Trip and Event Guidelines page for complete instructions on how to get events/activities posted on the NSCH Calendar.  This would include invitations to your family or church’s events.  The various designations will alert everyone to those events that are specifically sponsored, overseen, or organized by NSCH, a group member, or by someone outside the group.  Please always use wisdom and discernment when choosing which events to attend, and realize that NSCH does not necessarily endorse an event which is sponsored by some other group, organization, or person.  

All other emails can be sent to all members of NSCH through the Message Board module available only to NSCH members, registered on the website. In order to make it easier for members to read only posts of interest to them, please ALWAYS put a subject in the subject line.  If you change the topic of an ongoing discussion, please adjust the subject line accordingly.

Remember that our website forums are for talking about issues of interest to homeschoolers.  Please limit “political” postings accordingly.  HSLDA keeps us informed of most information that is politically pertinent to us as homeschoolers, so we need not post lengthy emails of information that may be obtained elsewhere.  If you feel a matter is important enough, but is not specifically related to family or home school issues, please keep it brief and include the appropriate link, so those who are interested can find out the details.  Similarly, if you own a business or offer a service that may be of interest to our homeschooling community, please limit your posts to a few times a year.

Please DO post any of the following types of messages:

  • Suggestions or information on Christian family life, curriculum, interesting web sites, learning/teaching methods or styles, meeting topics, library resources, co-ops, etc.
  • Activities or events (see above).
  • Christian community-building topics (i.e. prayer requests, encouragement, support, questions, requests for help, etc.)
  • Political information (see above).
  • Book, music, movie, or event reviews of interest to homeschoolers.
  • Miscellaneous information, i.e., giving away or needing items or services —“Does anyone know of a good writing curriculum? Car mechanic?”, etc.
  • If you find a message to be offensive in any way, please respond only to the sender.  If the issue cannot be resolved, please contact the Steering Committee.  Please also refer to our guidelines on Biblical conflict resolution.
  • If you have curriculum or other items to sell, please post them on the Classifieds page.

Attention Vendors Who are Not NSCH Members:  We receive various requests from area vendors wanting to advertise their goods and services on our website.  Generally, we have allowed NSCH members to post recommendations from vendors they have used personally and have also posted information sent by vendors as long as a member of our group can recommend them and they do not conflict with our Statement of Faith.  These types of "advertisements" are usually sent out one time over the message boards.  We will not be able to honor requests from vendors to post/advertise multiple times on our message boards, as our Website Administrators are volunteers who are busy homeschooling moms.  However, if you do come recommended by a member of NSCH and your goods or services are not in conflict with our Statement of Faith, your business may be considered for posting on our "Resources" page.  Please get in touch with us by using the Contact Us tab.