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Field Trip and Event Guidelines

Official Events for NSCH

Events on the NSCH website calendar can be either member sponsored or official NSCH events.

Make your event an “official” event if:

  • If you need the NSCH name to get a field trip or it is easier to get a field trip with the group name.

  • If you need the NSCH name to get a discount.

  • If it is an event that should be insured (or you would like to be insured), like a group wide party or activity.

  • If the location you want to use requires insurance.

  • If you need help with this step, ask the NSCH Board. Reminder: You can not use “NSCH” without our permission.

Thoughts on choosing a field trip:

  • Field trips that you can not do on your own are great choices. For instance, a tour through the back of Stop and Shop, only a group can have this opportunity. Or if an organization only offers a particular program for schools, use the NSCH name to do this tour as a “school.”

  • If you are organizing a field trip to a particular location – be sure to ask the attraction what their policy is about regarding the arrival time of all the participants. For instance, I have heard the Museum of Science will not allow the group to enter until everyone is there. This could be a big problem if everyone is getting there on their own. I.e.: Caught in traffic or running late.

After you have determined that the event will be an official event, follow the steps below to become the Event Coordinator for this event. An Event Coordinator will be a short term designation for a person or persons that will be running a particular official event for NSCH. This designation is critical since our insurance states that insured events are events that are planned, organized and supervised by NSCH. The NSCH Board is not able to plan all events but we are able to designate parents to run those events on the behalf of NSCH by designating them as an Event Coordinator. The steps are as follows:

  • Email the NSCH Board outlining your proposal for an event. (I.e. Maple sugaring at the Audabon or taking a tour of Stop and Shop, or a Thanksgiving party)

  • If the NSCH Board approves the event, they will send you an email designating you as the Event Coordinator for this event. Now you can proceed with securing the date, etc.

  • Call and review the Event Coordinator guidelines relative to this event with the appropriate NSCH Board member.

  • The NSCH Board member will then send you an email saying that they have reviewed the guidelines with you for running an event and you will be working on behalf of the board to plan and run that event.

  • Depending on the activity, a NSCH Board member may check in to see how the planning is going.

Per our direction you will be planning and running this event on behalf of the NSCH Board. Please be aware of the items below and follow the directions listed when planning and running an official NSCH event or field trip:

  • NSCH does have insurance that covers official events.

  • Review your event for any safety hazards. Make appropriate rules if required.

  • Remind parents that they are responsible for their own children.

  • Make sure that it does not conflict with our Statement of Faith. If there will be questionable content, such as evolution, etc., please provide a disclaimer.

  • For the event to run as smoothly as possible, communicate to all your volunteers before the event what they are expected to do at the event. (Yes, that means emails and phone calls to all your volunteers before the event!) It is too hard to give directions to volunteers in the midst of the event.

  • Recommend that families arrive 10 minutes before the designated start time.

  • We ask that parents be with their children at events. If parents are there we as organizers carry less liability. Exceptions can be made if there is true hardship for the parents to be there. Use your judgement. If you are unsure ask a NSCH Board member.

  • If a parent can not be there, another parent can agree to look after their children. Use the Child Care Form. (This form needs to be finalized.) If the child is 16 or over (this age needs to be finalized) another parent can agree to look after them but a form is not necessary.

  • When attending a field trip or event please remind families to be respectful of leaders, speakers, tour guides, and each other. Listen to and obey instructions. Use self-control: talk quietly, walk inside public buildings, refrain from throwing things, etc.

  • General Safety: The NSCH Board asks that kids not play tag on playground equipment. Too many accidents happen when kids are looking behind them and not seeing what they are about to run into.

  • After the event, if there were any documents produced for the event please put copies on the website so that they maybe be referenced and/or used in the years to come.


  • If it will cost members money to attend it would be best to get the money before hand – with the exception of our large and well attended events, the Valentines Party and Field Day. Collecting money at the start of an event can be chaotic which will cause mistakes.

  • Receipts: If this is an event that NSCH has agreed to help pay for please keep your receipts and submit them to the treasurer for reimbursement. Please put your name and the event name on or attached to the receipt.

Getting the event on the calendar:

When organizing a field trip or event please send the following information in the format below to the Calendar & Event Coordinator so that it may be posted on the NSCH Calendar:

  • What: Give the field trip/event a title, ie., "Beverly Fire Station Field Trip:", "Pampered Chef Party", "Harvest Party", etc.

  • Who: Indicate who the field trip/event is intended for ie., a specific age range or if its for all ages, boys or girls, or both. Examples of this are "For all elementary students, ages 6-12", "All ages welcome", "Teen and Tweens, ages 11-18", or "Boys ages 6-9", etc.

  • Where: Give a complete location along with a web address for the location if available.

  • When: Give the day, date, and beginning and ending time.

  • Cost: Give the cost or if the field trip or event is free indicate that in the description.

Include an instructive paragraph or two with everything that members will need to know. Your entire email to the Calendar & Event Coordinator should be in a format that she can easily just cut and paste into the calendar post. In other words, send her the calendar post already constructed, so that she doesn't need to format any information for you. Include your name, number, and email address as the contact person.