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Membership Renewal

Please read through ALL of the following important information. We appreciate your cooperation in helping the membership renewal process run smoothly! Thank you to the volunteer behind the scenes, who makes membership renewal happen. NSCH appreciates you very much!

Membership renewal will begin now and will continue until July 31st, 2021, for the 2021-2022 school year. Membership is effective from August 1st through July 31st of the next year. Renewal dues for this year are $10, (*Please refer to the bottom of this page for further comment on this change in cost.)  If finances are an issue please let us know.

Please renew on time. Volunteers process renewals - please respect their time by renewing by July 31st!!

Late renewals (after July 31st):   Yearly membership dues will be an additional $5 for late renewals. If you do not renew your membership on time, your membership will expire and you will no longer have access to the member only areas of the website (member information, calendar, community features, message boards, etc.). If you were a member in the past year, who wants to renew your membership but missed the renewal deadline date of July 31st and are unable to log on to your website account, contact Shelley Lee,

To renew your membership, follow these steps:

1. Return any overdue NSCH library materials. Contact Shelley to make arrangements. (

2. Fill out NSCH Waiver.  The only waiver to fill out going forward is the Youth Waiver. You will need a google account.  For your records a copy of the signed waivers will be sent to the email that you provide. 

Please use this link:   Youth Waiver

(A few years ago we transitioned to online waivers using Google Forms. As this is a renewal you have already filled out Mother and Father waivers either when we switched over to google forms or when you became a new member.  These Mother and Father waivers are active for the length of your membership. Going forward you will only fill out the Youth Waiver each year.   If you would prefer to fill out paper waivers please refer to the instructions at the bottom of this section.)

3. Fill out the Volunteer Section at the bottom of the Youth Waiver.  In order to have a vibrant group we need activities.  We would like all members to run some sort of event during the year (can be as simple as meeting up at a park!).   Please select a month for the event. Review list of other roles that need to be filled.  We also would like an idea of participant numbers for Field Day for insurance purposes.

Special Note:  We have had a few people fill out the form ahead of this roll out to make sure it worked.  There could be a problem where it says you have already filled out the form - that was fixed by emptying your "cache."  You can search "clear Cache" on google or email Laura Stark at for help. 

3. Update your profile:  Log on to the site and click on the Profile link listed at the top of the page. On your profile page, make sure that all your contact information is correct. If there have been any changes to your phone numbers, email, address, or any other information, please make the appropriate edits. Once all updates are made, click the "Update" button on the bottom of the page.

4. Pay membership fee:  Pay the invoice that will be emailed to you for membership renewal dues via PayPal through our website, by clicking the link included in the email or clicking Balance $10.00 at the top of the website.  You may send a check. (See the instructions at the bottom of the page.)

When all these steps are complete our Membership  Coordinator will renew your account on the NSCH website which will give you access to the website for another year.

If you have questions about renewal please contact Melissa Major,

Thank you for your cooperation!


If you do not want to pay on line or sign waivers electronically please follow these instructions:

Waivers:   Print off the below and mail them to Melissa Major.  Please contact Melissa, for her mailing address.

Youth: Please print and sign the following waiver. Youth Waiver Form



You may mail your $10 renewal payment to Melissa, no later than July 31st.   Please contact Melissa, for her mailing address. Please make your checks payable to NSCH.


*Renewal Cost:  We are again reducing our membership fee from $26 to $10 for the 2021-2022 school year. The $10 will cover the cost of our web site and paypal.  Fall and spring activities should be fine, but there still might be a question as to how to proceed with winter activities depending on where our communities are with covid.   In any event we have decided again not to pass on insurance costs to the membership this year but rather pay for it from our savings. The revised due reflects the cost of the following: The website/message board which is $8.50 per family, PayPal cost per transaction, and the remainder goes towards the insurance.