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Volunteer Positions

All volunteer officer positions will be held for a minimum of one year.  Those willing to serve in an officer or coordinator position must sign the NSCH Statement of Faith. If someone steps down, the Board will announce the opening; and if no one volunteers, the Bpard will approach individuals to fill that position.  If an opening occurs on the Board, remaining members of the committee will prayerfully select couples who meet the criteria below and approach them about serving on the board. 

The Board

The Board will be comprised of one to four couples who will meet the following criteria:

  • They must have signed our Statement of Faith.
  • They must have been members of our group for at least one full year.
  • They must be fully committed to home schooling, having demonstrated experience and wisdom in that endeavor.
  • They must be fully committed to the vision, mission and the vitality of the group, and agree to abide by all published guidelines.
  • They must have demonstrated consistent involvement in and commitment to the group.
  • They should possess some of the following qualities, gifts, and skills:  efficient, attentive to detail, ability to multitask, gifted in leadership and administration, and effective in communication.
  • If at all possible, the children of the Board couples will represent a wide range of ages.

Responsibilities of the Board:

  • Maintain the vision and mission of the group, uphold the Statement of Faith and perform various functions of NSCH, assuring that our ministry serves and honors our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • Provide oversight and counsel to the various volunteer positions listed below.
  • Provide oversight for all "official" (see Field Trip and Event Guidelines) NSCH meetings and events.
  • Assess needs of the group and make adjustments and improvements to the structure and function as necessary.
  • Oversee how treasury money is spent, according to the above guidelines.
  • Administrate the website.
  • Meet on an “as needed” basis.  Annual planning meetings will be posted on the website and any member is welcome to attend.

Calendar & Event Coordinator 
The Calendar & Event Coordinator keeps group calendar up-to-date.  Receives messages regarding any events or activities for posting on the website, and enables enrollment if applicable.  Designates NSCH-sponsored events, events organized by a NSCH member, and outside events differently so as to differentiate among them.  Notifies members who are planning events of possible date and/or time conflicts.  Maintains "Local Course Offerings" and "Area Events" pages on the website.

Calendar & Event Coordinator Assistant

Assists the Calendar & Event Coordinator with posting official NSCH sponsored events to the group calendar, assists members in posting member-sponsored events to the group calendar, and updates some Resources pages. 

The Librarian keeps an updated list of all books and other resources.  Keeps library organized.  Makes out cards for new library resources.  With the help of the Board, develops library guidelines as necessary and makes purchases for the library.  Oversees lending and returning of materials according to the guidelines.  Conducts periodic inventory/purge of library materials.  

Membership Coordinator 
The Membership Coordinator oversees all aspects of membership; including, receiving members’ dues, and the processing of all new and renewing memberships.

Assistant Membership Coordinators 
The Assistant Membership Coordinators process new member requests that come through the website, approve new member accounts on the website, welcome new members to the group, call new members who are also new to homeschooling to offer encouragement, process membership renewals and assist the Membership Coordinator with various tasks as they arise.

Refreshment Coordinator 
The Refreshment Coordinator solicits people to bring refreshments to meetings or other events as needed. Reminds those responsible for supplying refreshments before an upcoming event as necessary.  Also monitors the group's supplies (cups, plates, napkins) for the monthly parent meetings and purchases when refills are needed (will be reimbursed by our Treasurer).

The Secretary takes minutes at meetings, posts them on the website, and informs members through email when new meeting minutes have been uploaded to the website.

The Treasurer maintains NSCH checking account and list of paid members, receives dues for deposit into the NSCH account, and reimburses members for any necessary group expenditures.

Tween and Teen Socials Coordinator
The Tween and Teen Socials Coordinator helps solicit parent volunteers to organize various events and activities for tweens and teens throughout the year and keeps the planning workspace on the website updated.

Website Administrator 
The Website Administrator maintains the NSCH website to meet current needs. (Adds, edits, maintains pages and updates databases, etc.)

Website Assistant
The Website Assistant assists the Website Administrator in above mentioned tasks.