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LAH Board of Directors


The LAH Board is made up of four officers and one representative from each department. Each department representative is selected by the group or groups they represent.  LAH does not govern the activities of participating groups or organizations.  LAH board coordinates activities and serves to unite the departments' individual efforts.


Meetings are typically held quarterly: May, August, November, and February. May is the annual meeting for electing officers and rotation of representatives. Meeting time and locations are announced before each meeting to each representative. To add business to the agenda, contact the secretary before the meeting. Meetings are open session unless special closed session meetings are called.

2022-2023 Board of Directors/Officers are:

  • President: Melissa Nisbett
  • Vice President:  Rebecca Freeman
  • Athletic Director: Rebecca Freeman
  • Treasurer:  April Prince
  • Secretary:   Cindy Smith
  • Communications: