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Mrs. Susie Baxter To All Instructors

Susie Baxter earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the University of Tulsa. She has been teaching in a multitude of venues to a wide variety of ages for over 22 years. These opportunities have included lead teacher in a preschool classroom, private piano lessons, group dance classes (preschool to adults), and of course, homeschooling her four boys since 2008. Susie has taught a variety of science and elective classes at Co-op since 2016. She also assists her husband, Greg, when he teaches upper-level science classes at CHEER co-op. The Baxter Family is a science-loving family and enjoys getting their hands dirty learning about all of God’s amazing creation!

Current Classes
HS Physical Science - EVERY OTHER WEEK – (closed)
HS Physical Science - EVERY OTHER WEEK - *PUBLIC* – (closed)
Littles Music – (closed)
Littles Music- *PUBLIC* – (closed)
MS Science – (closed)
MS Science - *PUBLIC* – (closed)