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Member Handbook

SHE Mission, Vision, and Values

The Sunbury Home Educators (SHE) is an inclusive Christ-centered homeschool support group which welcomes all home schooling families for encouragement and support. SHE offers families the opportunity to develop relationships share support and accountability, and actively engage in this process through the co-op experience, by supplementing their homeschooling with academic and enrichment classes (Activity Day).

We also provide the opportunity to connect with others in the homeschooling community through member-initiated field trips, mom events and other activities. We also offer standardized testing to SHE members.

We are guided by the following:

“Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn't love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that.”

Ephesians 5:1-2 from The Message Bible

SHE maintains a team of volunteers that facilitates the running of SHE including AD. Each team member professes a faith in Jesus Christ.

Because we are a co-op, we encourage everyone to get involved in some way. SHE only functions with the support and cooperation of all its members.


Membership is open to all those homeschooling or interested in homeschooling. All members must sign that they have read and agree to the Member Handbook. In addition, we request that members respect the Christ-centered mission of SHE.

The Membership Agreement and AD Participation Agreement can be found on our website.

The membership directory is for personal and SHE use only. To protect member privacy, the membership directory may not be reproduced or distributed to any organization or person outside of SHE. Misuse of the membership directory will be grounds for termination from SHE.

Annual membership begins the month one enrolls until June the following year. Membership fee is $40.00 regardless of the month of registration. There is also a $70 building fee associated with Activity Day participation per family. If a member voluntarily chooses to leave SHE or is asked to leave, no fees will be refunded.

Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy

The goal of all SHE events, whether field trips, classes, or meetings, is to provide academic and relational benefit to all participants. In order to facilitate this goal, it is crucial that everyone show the utmost respect and courtesy to others within the group and to all involved in making the event possible.  All members are encouraged to first pray and seek the Lord if offended, and then privately address the issue with those involved. No matter the circumstance, we want to avoid gossiping about the offense.


  • Parental participation is mandatory.

  • Please work in a spirit of cooperation and unity.

  • Respect the beliefs and opinions of other members. We ask that parents use discretion when discussing topics that might be contrary to another parent’s belief system.

  • Parents are responsible for their child/ren's actions and behavior at all times.

  • If you need to speak directly to a child about something due to a specific behavior or a comment, please follow up with the child's parent to make them aware of the situation.


(Parents – Read this information with your child/ren and make sure they understand and abide by the following.)

  • Show respect for everyone in words and actions.

  • Show respect for all property.

  • Participate willingly. Anyone causing disruption will be asked to leave.

  • No knives or other like objects are permitted at SHE events.

  • All students must show respect to the hosting facility by walking in the building, using quiet voices, and abiding by food and drink policy.

  • Do not leave the activity or room without the permission of a parent or instructor.

  • Clean up after yourself.


There is no dress code for SHE sponsored activities. We believe that parents are responsible not only for their child’s education, but also their attire. We are a diverse group, and enjoy the variety that each family brings. However, if something offends you, please speak to the parent of the child and lovingly share your concern with the parent directly.


  • When eating in the building or on the porches, please clean up after yourselves.

  • Be respectful - no running, yelling or playing on the furniture.

  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

  • Any time you are planning to be absent from the building, another adult/parent must be identified as responsible for your child(ren). This includes teenagers. This individual must be identified in the sign-out ledger, if applicable.

  • If children are not in a class or supervised activity, they need to be with a parent or identified adult or in rooms specifically identified for free time.

  • No playing in the mulch and landscaped areas outside.

  • All food and drink, other than water, are to be kept in designated, pre-approved areas only.

  • Children may not leave the church without parent permission. This includes playing outside.

  • Families may use the playground and shelter house outside.  Parents must provide supervision for any children outside.

  • Playing in the gym is only permitted during class time. Children should NOT be on the stage, on or near the stacks of chairs, and should not touch the soundboard and equipment.


We believe that parents should be in charge of their children, and help monitor the behavior of all children who attend events sponsored by Sunbury Home Educators. Should there be a problem, we again encourage each member to speak directly to the other member with whom there is a concern. However, in the event that conduct warrants it, the following steps will be taken:

  1. First offense – An AD Team member will speak with both the parent and child. A note will be made by the AD Team member that this has occurred.

  2. Second offense – Same as above. In addition, the parent and child will be asked to review the code of conduct and discipline policy and the child will be asked to sign it.

  3. Third offense – A meeting will be held with the parent/s, child, and AD Team members; the child and/or family may be given temporary dismissal from participation in SHE events or AD classes without refund.

Please keep in mind:

  • Families will be held accountable for any damages.

  • Being a member of SHE is a privilege and one’s participation can be revoked due to misconduct. The AD Team may also deny participation to any member at their discretion.

  • The AD Team reserves the right to change policies and procedures to accommodate the needs of the group and will notify all members should such a situation arise.


Family members should not attend any SHE sponsored activity if they are during the contagious stage of an illness.

  • Upper Respiratory or Flu-like symptoms

  • Communicable disease

  • Head lice, chicken pox, ring worm, etc.

  • Vomiting or diarrhea 24 hours prior to the start of the SHE sponsored activity

  • Fever that needs medication to control. Children must be fever free for 24 hours PRIOR to participation in any SHE-sponsored activity.

In addition, please consult this list of Communicable Diseases from the Delaware County Health Department. Should your or your child contract a communicable disease and you or your child participated in AD or any SHE related event during the contagious time, please notify our Health Coordinator. If you are unsure, please err on the side of caution. An email will be sent to the AD participants if a contagious child attend AD, or to SHE if the child was at a SHE-related event. We will let members know which communicable diseases their children may have been exposed to, as well as a list of the classes or activities in which the infected child was participating, but to maintain the privacy of the family, no names will be used.


SHE maintains a website with all our forms, documents, forums, and a calendar. Members of SHE choose a username and password when they join SHE or renew their membership which allows them access to private documents on the website. 

Description of Activity Day Team Members and Other Volunteer Positions

The following Team Members meet regularly, primarily to facilitate the running of AD:

  • Administrator: Communicates with members all information pertaining to AD, maintains forms, handbook, and website.

  • Teacher Coordinator: Communicates with teachers, maintains file of current and future teachers, facilitates class schedule, and oversees quality of classes.

  • Registration Administrator: Coordinates registration and schedules, receives and processes completed Membership Forms and dues. 

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Sets up the volunteer and substitute schedule.

  • Building Coordinator: Communicates with host church the needs of the group and vice versa.  Coordinates set-up and clean-up of building for Activity Day.

These volunteers attend meetings on an as-needed basis, and handle all aspects of their volunteer positions, asking for input from other team members as necessary.

  • Treasurer: Aids AD Team in forming a budget, receives and distributes money, gives financial report at meetings; keeps records available for audit; balances & manages checking account.

  • Safety Director: Sets up fire and tornado evacuation procedures, works to plan yearly drills.

  • Showcase Coordinator: Works with teachers and Showcase committee to facilitate Showcase.

  • Testing Coordinator: Notifies and schedules group standardized testing

  • Health Coordinator: Maintains sick policy, first aid kits and supplies.