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Membership for 2019-2020 school year is now open.

Greater Rochester LEAH has 2 Divisions: The Rochester Rapids Sports and GR Leah Homeschool Group.

Rapids: If you are interested in the Rapids, please go to Rapids.club. 

GR LEAH Homeschool Group: If You are Renewing Member in our Homeschool Group, you should have recieved an email with an invoice.

If you are a New Member requesting to be in our Homeschool Group, please contact an Administrator at maria@grleah.com. 

Thank You!

RAPIDS: A Division of GR LEAH is the Rochester Rapids (woohoo!); excellent and God-Honoring sports teams for boys and girls for approximately 4th grade and up. Our Coaches are all volunteers. There is a link to the Rapids Sports Program on our Home page.

GR LEAH HOMESCHOOL GROUP: Our families work together to provide Enrichment Classes, Field Trips, Family Get-togethers, Homeschooling Support, Mom's Care, and more! We offer Enrichment Classes on Fridays in the Fall and Spring with great families who share their talents. If you are interested in participating, please contact an Admisinistrator; maria@grleah.com.

All families are encouraged to volunteer in some way during the year. We want to be sensitive to those who have a new baby, take care of an aging parent or just find themselves in a busy season. Ask about our opportunities to serve from home :)

Our leaders, teachers, coaches and helpers are all volunteers that share their time and talent for which we are so grateful! If you are a new member to our group, please download the Pastor Form (on Home page under Membership Forms) and give to your pastor to send to us. New member families will be approved after we receive your Pastor Letter and a brief testimony from 1 parent. Thank you.

GRADUATION 2020: GR LEAH has a beautiful Graduation Ceremony and reception. All families with seniors are welcome. Please sign up before 9/30/19 for the 2020 Ceremony. Contact Maria at maria@grleah.com.

If you would like to be part of GR LEAH, you are welcome to request membership on this website and pay online. We are a local LEAH chapter. When you join a local chapter, you become a member of New York State LEAH. The chapter that pays your NYS LEAH dues ($30) is your Primary LEAH. You may join other local LEAH chapters having a Dual or Secondary Membership.

If you have any questions, Please contact Maria at 227-7669 or maria@grleah.com. Thank you!