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Photo/Video Release Form

Photo/Video Release Form:

?I give permission for the use of photographs and video including me/my child(ren) or articles written by me/my child(ren) to be used in publicity including the Valley Home School Association newsletter and internet sites promoting or reporting about Valley Home School Association. Any exceptions to this waiver are listed below. If I choose to abstain, I will contact the VHSA leadership and provide a photo of my children, so they can be identified and excluded from photos. (email VHSA at [email protected]). I recognize that I am responsible for communicating these wishes to event coordinators and anyone else taking photos at events.

More Information: We understand that there may be some exceptions to your willingness to allow us to use photo and video of your children. Examples may include: children that you are fostering, no pictures on facebook, or a group trip to the lake with children in bathing suits. We want you to feel that your children are safe physically and online, so please include any situations and/or the names below of anyone that you do not want published. If you abstain from signing above, please indicate if you want your children to participate in group photos. 

By clicking the Yes button: You agree to the above statement and all listed parties above will be included in this Waiver and Release Agreement.