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About Covenant Christian Co-op

We meet on Friday mornings from 9:30 am - 12:10 pm in Lake Ridge, VA. We have three class periods. Our first day of class is the Friday before Labor Day, and we go through the end of April. We break from the week before Thanksgiving until the first week in January. Tuition is $25 per month per family with a $50 non-refundable deposit due at registration. As part of the registration process, we also require each family to sign a Statement of Faith and abide by the teaching guidelines as laid out in the CCC Handbook. We offer a variety of classes, from nursery through high school, that change from year to year. 

These are two sample schedules from previous years: 
Sample 1
Sample 2

Below are some FAQs about CCC:

How did CCC begin?  
CCC began in 2004 with about 20 families meeting in Springfield, VA.  We offered mainly enrichment classes, and our day ran from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M.  In January of 2005, we moved to our current location in Lake Ridge, VA.  While our mission statement remains the same, the number of families has definitely grown.  We have over 40 families now from both Prince William and Fairfax Counties that meet in Lake Ridge, VA.  We meet every Friday morning from September through April (just a morning schedule), with a winter break from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.  

What is your mission statement?
The purpose of CCC is to provide a cooperative environment for the mutual enrichment of Christ-centered home schooling families.  In fulfilling this purpose we meet weekly during the school year, generally coinciding with the Prince William County School System schedule.  We teach the children a variety of courses designed to supplement our individual home school curricula.

Who runs CCC?
The CCC Board (Niecia Bullock, Angie DeLorme, Cyndi Fillinger, Charissa Longerbeam, Ricki Purves, Diana Rosner, and Lacey Yoho)
 takes care of the administrative side of the co-op and is available to help any and all moms/teachers regarding registration, classes, students, etc.

Can anyone join the co-op?
If you are interested in joining, we encourage you to read our Statement of Faith and Mission Statement and Guidelines and then contact Charissa Longerbeam (longerbeamcharissa@gmail.com) on April 1 at the earliest, to see if there is an opening available for the following school year.

How much does it cost?  Where does the money go?
The cost is $25/month.  We require a non-refundable $50 deposit at the time of registration, which counts as the first two months’ dues (for September and October).  This money is divided among the classes for that school year to purchase curriculum for teachers, books for students, and other materials as needed.  It is also used for whole group activities like guest speakers, co-op dessert nights, pool parties, and our end of semester/end of the year celebrations.

Do I get reimbursed if I have to buy supplies for my class?
Yes.  Purchases that are within the budget are reimbursed once receipts are turned in.  Any supplies that are needed that do not fit within the class budget can be passed along to the families, but this requires approval from the board in advance.  In addition,excessive costs must be approved by the Board first.

Are the teachers certified?
We do not require teacher certification.  Our teachers are moms with a passion and/or knowledge about a subject who are willing to share it with the kids.

Can my High Schooler get credit for his transcript?
While not guaranteed, most years there are high school classes offered that are ½ or full credit classes.  Teachers make this clear before the year starts.  As long as students fulfill the reading and time requirements for the class they can receive credit for the course.

Is the co-op mainly educational or social?
We offer a variety of classes that are both academic and elective.  We have high standards of learning and expect our students to engage respectfully and diligently.  However, we also do life together, often meeting outside of co-op for social activities.

How do I determine what age group my child is in?
We follow the Prince William County Schools and go by the age of your child by September 30 of that year.  

How are the classes determined?  How do I pick my classes?
In the beginning of May, we meet to plan the classes for the upcoming school year.  Each mom suggests 1 or 2 classes they are passionate about and/or knowledgeable in and the age group they prefer.  The CCC Board gathers and sorts the information and in June publishes the schedule of classes for the following school year.  Children 5 and under have set classes while students 6 and older choose between two or three classes, one for each period.  Once registration opens in June, you will be able to access the CCC website and register for classes online.

Who do I contact if I made a mistake registering or have questions about the website?
Please contact the CCC Board a

Is there homework assigned?
Many classes offered at the co-op do require the completion of homework, but not all.  If a teacher will be assigning homework for the course, this will be disclosed at the planning meeting in May and will be listed on the course registration page so that students can plan their registration accordingly.  If a student chooses a homework course and consistently fails to complete homework they may be asked to drop the class.

What are teacher responsibilities?
Each mom is required to teach 2 out of the 3 periods. First year moms may fill the role of “helper” in both of their classes, but we require returning moms to teach or co-teach their classes.  Regular attendance and proper preparation are required.

Is there a sick policy? 
Your household needs to be fever, vomit, and diarrhea free for 48 hours before returning to co-op. We ask if you have a virus in your home that everyone stay home until the 48 hours has passed.  If you or your children have severe coughs and runny noses we also ask that you stay home.

What do I do if my kids or I cannot make it to co-op?
If you or your children are ill or cannot attend co-op for other reasons, you are to notify Charissa Longerbeam ASAP via text [571.334.2385], AND inform your co-teacher.  You must also provide your co-teacher with adequate plans for the day.

How do you handle discipline?
Our discipline policy is based on Matthew 18:15-17.

Do you do anything else other than meet for classes on Friday mornings?
We kick off our year with a pool party, we have play dates at the local park, we schedule various Moms Night Out events, and meet for both planned and spontaneous get togethers.