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What community organizations, ministries, hobbies are you involved in outside of SEEK?


Have you had any special training (college degree, certifications, etc.)?

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Do you have an interest in science?

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Check ALL of the positions that you would consider serving in at some point in the future.

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Staffing Coordinator Enrichment Coordinator
Recess Coordinator for Enrichment Social Media Administrator
Welcome Committee None of the Above
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We have read and agree to adhere to the SEEK Handbook (found here).

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 We have read and am in full agreement with the Statement of Faith (found here).

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We freely give consent for print and digital media of my family to be published with first name(s) and last initial as explained in the Media Release (found here).

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How long have you homeschooled? To be considered for membership you must have homeschooled a minimum of one year.