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A $285 annual fee is due in full when submitting the application packet at your family’s interview. This is refundable until your student’s class choices are made. Please make checks payable to SEEK, Ltd.

Note: Individual class fees which are set by each teacher, as well as Enrichment fees if applicable, are due in August at Parent Orientation.  

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SEEK is a Christian homeschool cooperative with a focus on high school academics.  SEEK is NOT a school.  We depend on parents to fully oversee their student's education and participate by serving with co-op.  With that in mind, what does your family hope to gain from participating in SEEK?

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Attendance and punctuality at SEEK must be a priority in your homeschool schedule*.  SEEK classes run from mid-August to mid-May with a few weeks off between semesters.  Do you anticipate any activities that might keep you from fulfilling your weekly commitment?  (If yes, please explain)

*If you are unable to adjust your schedule to accommodate SEEK's calendar, SEEK may not be a good fit for your family.

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For each student who will be at least 14 years old by July 31, 2019, list the student's name along with all classes and curriculum he/she is enrolled in this year.  

(Example:  Amy-Abeka Spanish 1, Apologia Physical Science, Saxon Algebra 1)