Fall Quarter classes are in session. Because our classes meet for 10 weeks at a time, we are not able to add new students until a new quarter begins. Fall Quarter meets September 10-November 12. We take a break during Winter Quarter, and Spring classes usually begin in March. View our resource library online at https://eastgatechurch.libib.com/ Our resource library is in three separate libraries- Books, CDs, and Movies Create an online account to renew library items and add holds Have a wonderful Fall season!

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Eastgate SDA Church Submitted by: ADMIN website

Contact 380 N Tausick Way WALLA WALLA, WA 99362 Phone: 509-529-9933

Eastgate SDA Church graciously provides the space for Co-op classes. They also often offer fabulous VBS programs in the summer for kids and have friendly, welcoming services on Saturdays (9:30 for Sabbath Schools and 11:45 for Church).