Fall Quarter classes are in session. Because our classes meet for 10 weeks at a time, we are not able to add new students until a new quarter begins. Fall Quarter meets September 10-November 12. We take a break during Winter Quarter, and Spring classes usually begin in March. View our resource library online at https://eastgatechurch.libib.com/ Our resource library is in three separate libraries- Books, CDs, and Movies Create an online account to renew library items and add holds Have a wonderful Fall season!

Kinder Enrichment

1st-2nd Grade

3rd-6th Grade

7th-10th Grade

Parent Volunteering

Fall Quarter Dates


Class Information

10-Week Quarter Classes:
We offer 10 week classes in the Fall and Spring Quarter. We skip Winter Quarter entirely. This allows us to avoid major holidays, winter weather, and most winter illnesses. Classes generally start at the beginning of September through the week before Thanksgiving, take Thanksgiving through the end of February off, and begin again the end of February or beginning of March through May.

Class Length/# of Classes:
All of our classes except Kinder are 1 hour each. We offer 4 class periods per day and families can choose how many classes they would like their children to take. We start at 9:00 with a 15 minute worship and begin classes at 9:15. There is a 15 minute snack break after the first class and a supervised lunch from 11:30-12:15. Afternoon classes meet 12:15-2:20 with a 5 minute afternoon break between the classes.The Kinder and 1st-2nd Grade classes are half day classes that meets from 9:00-11:30 am. Select 2nd Grade students who meet criteria may be able to stay for 2nd-4th Grade afternoon classes.

Tuesday Daily Schedule

9:00 am: Drop Off & Worship in the Sanctuary
9:15-10:15 am: First Class
10:15-10:30 am: Snack Break
10:30-11:30 am: Second Class
11:30 am-12:15 pm: Lunch Break
12:15-1:15 pm: Third Class
1:15-1:20 pm: Brief Afternoon Break
1:20-2:20 pm: Fourth Class
2:20 pm: Pick Up
KINDER & 1ST-2ND GRADE CLASSES: 9:00-11:30 am

Class Availability by Age/Grade:
The following classes are currently offered:

  • Kindergarten Enrichment (Ages 4 1/2 - 5): Students meet in the mornings only, from 9:00-11:30 am. 
  • 1st-2nd Grade (Ages 6-8): Students will meet for one morning-only class and will stay in the same room for the morning. They may have two separate teachers and swap stations halfway through the morning. Hands-on learning activities will include: Simple Cooking, Messy Science, Science Art Fusion, Movement, and possibly some Language Arts activities.
  • 2nd Grade (Ages 7-8): Older 2nd Grade students or students who meet criteria may be able to stay for the 2nd-4th Grade afternoon classes. 
  • 3rd Grade (Ages 8-9): During most class periods, students will not have class options and will take the 3rd Grade class that is offered. There may be class choice during one or two of the class periods. Students are supervised during classes, breaks, and lunch. They will usually switch classes as a group. 
  • 4th, 5th & 6th Grade (Ages 9-12): 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade students usually have at least 2 class choices per class period. They are not supervised during class transitions. They are supervised during classes, morning break, and lunch.
  • 7th-10th Grade (Ages 12-16): Students in these grades can choose between 4th-10th or 7th-10th Grade classes. They usually have at least 2 class choices for each class period.They are not supervised during class transitions. They are supervised during classes, morning break, and lunch.


See the class schedule for specific times each class is offered.