Fall Quarter classes are in session. Because our classes meet for 10 weeks at a time, we are not able to add new students until a new quarter begins. Fall Quarter meets September 10-November 12. We take a break during Winter Quarter, and Spring classes usually begin in March. View our resource library online at https://eastgatechurch.libib.com/ Our resource library is in three separate libraries- Books, CDs, and Movies Create an online account to renew library items and add holds Have a wonderful Fall season!

Kinder Enrichment

1st-2nd Grade

3rd-6th Grade

7th-10th Grade

Parent Volunteering

Fall Quarter Dates


Co-op Fees

Due at In-Person Registration

Fees are per child for the 10 week quarter. 

Fall Quarter Registration Fee (per FAMILY): $15 (covers website subscription and administrative fees)
Full Day: $100
Half Day: $65
One Class Only: $50

One-Time Background Screening Fee: $10/parent helping in classrooms
Optional Parent Volunteer Buy Out Fee: $30/child

In addition, some classes have extra fees if the materials are costly or if students will get to keep class materials (see explanation at the bottom of the page). Classes with extra fees this Quarter are:

  • 1st-2nd Grade Morning Class: $10 for messy science, cooking supplies, and science art fusion
  • Soapstone Carving & Candle Making: $15
  • Hands-On Gift Making: $20
  • Survival Skills (both): $10
  • History & Science of Chocolate: $10
  • Simple Cooking: $10
  • Botany: $5

Additional information about fees

If classes require specific books or extra supplies, there will be extra fees for those classes. See explanation at the bottom of the page. Below are the types of fees that were charged during the 2019 Spring Semester.

All parents on-site or helping in classrooms must complete an online training and background screening for the safety of our children. There is a one-time $10 fee for this screening.

Our prices reflect factoring in parent help in the classrooms on a rotating basis 3-4 times during the 10-week Semester. The main classes where we need help are our Kinder-3rd Grade classes. The parent Buy-Out (non-helping) option is only possible for Kinder-3rd Grade students IF helping is a hardship OR we have enough other parents who are willing to help because we need to make sure we have those classes covered for helpers. If you have a child in this age/grade range, you will most likely be scheduled to help in these classes. The Parent Buy-Out Fee is $30 per child. This may seem like a lot, but the price used to be $120 per family, so for most families, the reduced per child fee is considerably smaller.

We only need help in SPECIFIC 4th-10th Grade classes. These classes for Spring Semester included: Baking (4th-10th), Sculpture (4th-10th), and Hand Sewing (3rd-10th). If you would like to help in these or our younger classes (even if your children are not in these classes), we'd love to have the help! If you DON'T want to help in these classes, you are welcome to choose the Buy Out Fee. If you think one of these classes sounds interesting and just want to help in one, depending on availability, we may be able to schedule you as a dedicated helper 6-8 weeks in just the one class. 

One-class-only options are only available if there is space after registration is completed for all children taking 2 or more classes. Some classes will fill up quickly and not be available for one-class-only students.

The general class fees cover the cost of our paid teachers, class curriculum, and non-student-specific class supplies such as bows/arrows/targets, cooking burners/pots/pans, nets/rackets/balls, art/music supplies, experiment supplies, non-student-specific texts (such as for Keyboarding), class prizes, rocket engines, Kinder supplies, portable white boards, folding tables, lanyards/name tags, etc

Some classes have extra fees if there are higher than usual costs for the class (such Cooking or Forensic Science), if students need materials that they will get to keep when the class is over (such as Model Rockets), or if the class requires student-specific books or workbooks (such as Pacific Northwest History or any of our IEW Structure Writing classes).


  • Fourth child in a family that registers is free with three paying siblings. The child with the lowest fees in the family will be free. OR Large families can instead choose a half off discount on fees for the fourth and more children enrolled (For example, if a family has 6 children, they will pay regular price for the first 3 children and half price for the 4th-6th children).
  • Teachers teaching one class will be able to enroll up to 2 children in their immediate family free. Teachers teaching two classes will be able to enroll up to 4 children in their immediate family free. 
  • Occasionally if we have a need, parents can request to help extra in classes for a class discount for their children. Talk with us about this option if you are interested.