The start date for Fall Quarter afternoon classes has been delayed a week! We will start afternoon classes on September 21. Our location has changed--we will be meeting at Rooks Park for September. Nature Journaling will still begin September 14. All other classes will begin the following week. We have a new leadership team this year! After logging in, see the Co-op Leadership Contacts for who to contact for various things. New Nature Journaling Class this  year! Instead of a full day of classes at the church, our Nature Journaling class will meet mornings as a family at Rooks Park.

Parent Volunteering

Parent volunteering will look a bit different this year.

K-3 CLASSES: We are always short-staffed in the younger grades due to illnesses or parents unable to help on their assigned days. The K-3 classes cannot meet without adequate help and supervision, so we will be requiring ALL parents of children in grades K-3 to stay on site at all times. We apologize for the inconvenience, but these are the grades where help is essential. Families will also be asked to help with quick cleanup at the end of the afternoon.

4th-7th CLASSES: Parents will volunteer in classes or on-site on a rotating schedule, probably 4 out of the 8 days. Previously we were able to schedule at least one member of our leadership team to be available each class period. That is not possible this year, and our leadership team is teaching the entire afternoon, so we need to make sure we have some other parents on-site to help with any issues that may come up. Families will also be asked to help with quick cleanup at the end of the afternoon.

8th+ CLASSES: We recognize that life with older children is different than life with younger children, and parents who only have older children will not need to help in classes unless we need a sub for one of the teachers. We may have teens help with quick cleanup at the end of the afternoon.

VOLUNTEERING WITH YOUNGER CHILDREN: We realize volunteering can be less than ideal if you have younger children at home. We want to stress that it is okay to bring your younger children. This is common, and we have had many teachers and parent volunteers who teach/assist in the younger classes with a younger sibling (or two) in tow. We are very flexible and accommodating in this regard. When you are helping, if you have tag-alongs, there is flexibility to leave the room and take care of your little ones if needed. Teachers will often include tag-alongs in the activities and bring enough supplies for tag-alongs as well if they are aware younger children will be coming with you.

VOLUNTEER BUY OUT: A buy-out option for parents unable to volunteer is not being offered this year because of a lack of volunteers in previous years. We expect for classes to fill quickly, however leadership would consider a buy-out option if spaces remain available and those classes had enough volunteers to cover any needs. This option is more likely for the 4th-7th grade classes than it is for the K-3 classes simply because we are often short-staffed for the K-3 classes.

ALTERNATE VOLUNTEER: Parents do have the option to send a responsible adult (Grandparent, Babysitter, etc) with their child in their place. This person would need to pass the same background screening requirements as parent volunteers and to be willing to participate in the same responsibilities.

All teachers and parent volunteers must complete a background screening before working with children.