The start date for Fall Quarter afternoon classes has been delayed a week! We will start afternoon classes on September 21. Our location has changed--we will be meeting at Rooks Park for September. Nature Journaling will still begin September 14. All other classes will begin the following week. We have a new leadership team this year! After logging in, see the Co-op Leadership Contacts for who to contact for various things. New Nature Journaling Class this  year! Instead of a full day of classes at the church, our Nature Journaling class will meet mornings as a family at Rooks Park.

About Us

To provide Walla Walla Valley home school children with quality supplemental enrichment opportunities in a Christian environment.

The Eastgate Home School Cooperative provides Christian, Creation-Based classes one day a week on Tuesdays for 8-10 weeks each Fall and Spring Quarter. We typically offer classes for Kindergarten through High School. 

We started our program Fall 2014 with 22 children and 4 classes. Our program has grown each year, and we typically offer 15-20 classes per quarter for 45-65 children. We usually have between 25-35 families in our program each quarter. We have met every year since 2014 except during the 2020-2021 school year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

There is prayer and Christian content in many of our classes and activities, and we operate from a Christian Creation-Based World View. Content in our classes is non-denomination specific. We have families from many different religious backgrounds, including Catholic, Presbyterian, Jehovah's Witness, LDS, SDA, Methodist, atheist, and many others. Our Co-op is fortunate to be under the umbrella of the Eastgate SDA Church, which has greatly benefited us in regard to our physical meeting space, insurance, payroll and accounting.

Our Cooperative is a year-long Co-op with 2 separate quarters in the Fall and Spring. Typically our classes meet for 8 or10 weeks each quarter, depending on the year. Typically, some of our Spring Quarter classes are a continuation of our Fall Quarter classes, and new families are not able to join these Spring classes. However, we always make sure we offer plenty of classes during Spring Quarter that new familiies can join. 

Classes are taught primarily by parents. Occasionally we hire specialized teachers from the community.

Depending on the year and quarter, we sometimes offer additional benefits, such as book fairs, track and field day, and occasional field trips.

The safety of our children is very important to us, and we require all parents and teachers who volunteer or teach classes to complete an online training and background screening before they can work with children.