We are hoping to offer fall quarter classes. Click here to see details about what classes might look like. If we are able to offer fall in-person classes, we will probably meet every other week because of COVID We will be planning classes this summer. Let us know if you are interested in teaching this fall! Have a wonderful and restful summer!

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Fall Quarter 2020


Fall Quarter 2020

Fall Quarter Classes During COVID

We have been getting a lot of messages from families asking if there will be Co-op classes this fall during COVID and what classes will look like. We actually do not have a lot of information yet. Like each of you, we are watching and keeping informed about educational and safety recommendations in our state and in our area. 

That being said, we are tentatively planning for classes this fall. We are currently thinking these classes might meet every other week September through November. The extra time between classes will help ensure families are healthy. As far as a specific COVID plan or policy, we will continue to discuss this through the summer and announce our plans by early August.

For classes, we typically try to offer some kind of writing, science, PE, and art classes. When possible, we also like to offer engineering, dramatic arts, technology, home ec, and music classes. Courses we have discussed so far MIGHT include: Africa, Butterflies, Drama, Mammals or Geology, Cartooning, Music of Birds, and some kind of writing. These are just a few possibilities. If you are interested in teaching a class, let Tiffany know! We will be finalizing classes this summer and will plan to post information by early August.

Thank you for your interest in Co-op and hope to see you this fall!