Spring Semester classes will begin February 26 We will be skipping Winter Semester classes this year We have a tentative class list for Spring Semester, but it will not be finalized until the beginning of February Spring Semester Classes will meet Feb 26-May 9 During Spring Semester, we will take the first week off in April for Spring Break Spring Semester registration will be a week or two before classes begin

Kinder Enrichment

1st-3rd Grade

4th-12th Grade

7th-12th Grade

Parent Volunteering

Fall Semester Dates


New 2nd-4th Class

1st Graders:
Because we are expecting such a large 1st-3rd Grade class, we have expanded our class offerings for 2nd-3rd Grade students. We plan to keep all 1st Graders together in one group so that they are with a consistent parent helper for the day (or half day).

2nd-3rd Grade Options:
Children in 2nd-3rd Grades can now choose either the 1st-3rd Grade option OR the 2nd-4th Grade option for each class period. A parent helper will take these kids to their next classes, but the helper may change around and may not be the same helper each period. We added a couple of class options after receiving the survey results. We think this will make most of you happy.

Additional 3rd Grade Options:
There are some additional classes that are open to 3rd graders if their parents are okay with them not being fully supervised between classes. If your children are able to get to and back from the older classes on their own without a parent helper, they are welcome to take the following class options instead of the younger two classes:

1st Period: History: Egypt
2nd Period: Sculpture
4th Period: K'nex Bridges OR Watercolor