The start date for Fall Quarter afternoon classes has been delayed a week! We will start afternoon classes on September 21. Our location has changed--we will be meeting at Rooks Park for September. Nature Journaling will still begin September 14. All other classes will begin the following week. We have a new leadership team this year! After logging in, see the Co-op Leadership Contacts for who to contact for various things. New Nature Journaling Class this  year! Instead of a full day of classes at the church, our Nature Journaling class will meet mornings as a family at Rooks Park.

How to Join Co-op

Note: We will begin approving new families for Fall Quarter 2021 after we have posted the schedule in August.


If you would like more information about our program, see our "Contact Info" on the left menu bar. If you don't have any questions or have already talked with the Director or Registration Coordinator and would like to join Co-op, here are the steps:

  1. Request Membership on This Website: You will need to have an account on this website in order to login and register for classes. Usually there is a pop-up on your screen that asks if you would like to request membership, but if there is no pop-up, you can request membership by clicking on the arrow button in the top right of the screen. 
  • Make sure you have 10-15 minutes available to complete the membership request because the request includes:
    • Most of the paperwork we use for our Co-op forms (rosters, sign-in sheets, approved pick up people, emergency contacts, allergy and medical information, etc)
    • Child History form that should pop up as part of the Membership Request
  • Please request membership 2-3 days before you plan to register. 
  1. Membership Approval Process: The Director will be sent an email with your forms and information when you request membership. These are the steps that are taken after receiving membership requests:
  • If you have not yet contacted the Director or Registration Coordinator, you will likely be emailed or contacted to see if you have any further questions.
  • All membership requests will be reviewed by our Leadership Team. Requests will be approved or, at times, additional information may be requested before a decision is made. Approved families will receive notification that they can login to the website.
  1. Login and Register for Classes: To register, you must be logged in to the website. If you are logged in, click on individual classes and check the box of the children who wish to take that class and then click register. 
  2. Mail your payment: Unlike previous years, we plan to do our registration entirely online and remotely this year. This means that you will need to mail a check to our Treasurer, Esther Sjoren. 
  3. Complete the following forms and items online:
    • Liability Waiver
    • Behavior Expectations
    • Volunteer Availability
    • Verified Volunteers Training and Background Screening