Fall Quarter classes are in session. Because our classes meet for 10 weeks at a time, we are not able to add new students until a new quarter begins. Fall Quarter meets September 10-November 12. We take a break during Winter Quarter, and Spring classes usually begin in March. View our resource library online at https://eastgatechurch.libib.com/ Our resource library is in three separate libraries- Books, CDs, and Movies Create an online account to renew library items and add holds Have a wonderful Fall season!

Kinder Enrichment

1st-2nd Grade

3rd-6th Grade

7th-10th Grade

Parent Volunteering

Fall Quarter Dates


Prospective Families Day

Parents sometimes ask to observe our classes before deciding to enroll their children. If you would like to observe classes, we often offer a Prospective Families Day once during each Quarter. Contact us if you are interested in coming to a Prospective Families Day. In the Fall, we may only offer this day if families have expressed an interest.

Prospective Families Day Morning Schedule:

9:00 am - Put on name tags and observe morning worship

9:15-9:40 am - Meet with the Director to discuss the program and answer questions

9:40-10:15 am - Tour facilities and observe any first period classes you wish to observe (you are welcome to stop in at several different classes if you choose)

10:15-10:30 am - Observe snack time and/or talk to any teachers during snack time

10:30-11:00 am - Observe any second period classes you wish to observe

11:00 am - Meet the Assistant Director in the Foyer for any final questions as you leave