Co-op will not be meeting during the 2020-2021 school year. We have been praying about meeting during this COVID climate, and feel like God is telling us to take a break this year. We hope to meet again in the future when things return to normal. Have a wonderful year!

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Membership in this group is for families who are actively attending (or planning to register for) Co-op classes this semester. Membership may change each semester.

Membership Request Process:

  1. Complete this form with information that will be used on our sign-in sheets, rosters, and other forms
  2. A second form should pop up with Child History questions
  3. When you have completed both of these, an email will be sent to the Director, who will review your information and share pertinent information with the Leadership Team, who will either approve the request, request additional information, or in rare cases (primarily if safety of other children is a concern) deny the request
  4. Families will be notified if they have been approved, and they will be able to login to register
  5. If parents are planning to remain on-site and/or volunteer, they will need to complete an online Child Safety Training and Background Screening before classes begin

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