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New to Homeschooling

New to Homeschooling

New to Homeschooling

Thinking of homeschooling? We're here to help in all these areas. Contact us!


  • Spend time in prayer. Pray for wisdom about the choice to homeschool.
  • Pray for your children and spouse.
  • Pray for unity in your family.
  • Pray for this to be a time of family togetherness


  • Find out the requirements for homeschooling. HSLDA has all the California law information here
  • Research support groups, Private School Providers (PSPs), activity groups, etc. open to homeschoolers. Check our Links page for a listing of local PSPs.
  • Think about the different ways to homeschool legally. Research requirements for filing the CA affidavit individually or under a PSP.
  • Identify the different styles of homeschooling. Look into the different learning styles.
  • Study your children. What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? How do they feel about school, in general? What are their thoughts towards homeschool?
  • Research different curriculums. Look into requirements for record keeping.
  • Talk with other homeschool families and glean from their stories.


  • Join HSLDA and/or CHEA (California Home Educators Association)
  • Join a support group.
  • If you choose to file your own affidavit, file by October 15th.
  • Choose your homeschooling style.
  • Select and purchase curriculum.
  • Create a family schedule.
  • Set goals. Plan your quarters, semesters, or year, depending on your record-keeping plan.


  • Join in the activities and groups.
  • Make yourself available and friendly.
  • Go meet people. Don't wait for them to come to you.
  • Have fun!