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SEEKERS is an optional once-a-week opportunity for families to gather for the purpose of taking some classes together in a co-operative setting.  Our co-op was created to complement the homeschooling experience for RCH families, not to take the place of the main education that takes place at home. We offer 3 hours of classes for all ages from kindergarten through high school. To get an idea of what types of classes are offered or to learn more about the co-op, feel free to check out the handbook and registration forms below. Please bear in mind, however, that classes change from year to year.

2023-2024 School Year - Applications for the coming school year are available February 1st-14th only by contacting Applications are due by February 14th. SEEKERS does registration once each year for the full year of classes. Once registration closes for the year, you can be added to a waiting list by contacting the board as well. 
Here are examples of  a handbook, a previous year's registration form and a form for each of the grades of your children.
Please keep in mind that there are many activities and events for those who join RCH, whether or not you participate in co-op.